Exposure 2013

You know how you get when you come across someone ‘On A Mission’ and your totally taken by it. That’s how I felt about Amelia Brodka’s work for the ladies. I’ve seen them pushed to the proverbial side of the road by the ‘boy’s only’ industry for decades. I know that there has been a lot of room for improvement and I’ve believed it just takes someone with guts, will power, and the right character to push them onward and into their own dimension of skateboarding. Exposure is a mighty big step into women’s skateboarding. Amelia and a very large crew of volunteers put on a stellar skateboarding event that I would guess nearly doubled in size and participation over last year. They managed to muster up $10,000 in prize money for the ladies and also raised $10,000 for a Carols House womens shelter in the process. Fuck Yea I say! 

So now I’ll shift gears and get into the happenings of the day.

Although I wasn’t there yet, the day kicked off with a Yoga Workout Clinic on the vert ramp. After my 2 1/2 hour drive I was wishing I could have gotten stretched out. Anyways, I rolled in when the girls were almost done warming up in the bowl. The Pink Helmet Posse (a troop of sweet little rippers) put on a short demo for the crowd. The little ladies rocked the place!


Yoga is good for skaters, Elena Hullis limbering up the crew.


The Pink Helmet Posse kicking off the jams


Annika Vrklan – that’s proper!


Bryce Ava Wettstein – Warrior!


After that the progression of age and skill began. Young girls from all over the map showed up. They were pushing each other and cheering each other on. The crowd and the media filled in all the available deck space to get a view. More and more the skills increased as the age increased. Kickturns gave way to grinds, grinds gave way to airs, airs gave way to invert and footplants, etc. etc. etc… By the time the best girls in the world were dropping in it was a full on gnarly ripping session. Highlights are in the photos below. The bowl got slayed!

The Ams:


Jordyn Barrat


Pauline Branom has this creeper on lockdown!


Sara Thompson – frontside air


Erin Wolfkiel- Backside Air


arianna carmona

Arianna Carmona – frontside air, with the Pink Helmet Posse on ‘donation patrol’.

1. Arianna Carmona
2. Annika Vrklan
3. Bryce Ava Wettstein
4. Poppy Olsen
5. Jordyn Barratt
6. Spencer Breaux
7. Pauline Branom
8. Brittney Conrad
9. Brighton Zeuner
10. Beverly Flood
11. Minna Stess
12. Madi Thomas
13. Alishia Stevens
T-14. Tarryn Ross
T-14. Michelle Yoon
T-16. Christelle Auzas
T-16. Laura Logue
T-18. Zoe Safanda
T-18. Julie Westfall
20. Klara Vrklan


The Pros:


Cara Lawson – FS Air

amelia brodka

Amelia Brodka – Grind to a pivot on the edge.

alysha bergado andrecht

Alysha Bergado – Andrecht

julie westfall

Julie Westfall


Lizzie Armanto shredded the bowl up. Feeble Grinder


Lizzie Armanto – Frontside Invert

1. Allysha Bergado ($1,200)
2. Lizzie Armanto ($1,000)
3. Julz Lynn ($900)
4. Nora Vasconcellos ($800)
5. Amelia Brodka ($600)
6. Sarah Thompson ($500)
7. Nicole Hause
8. AmeeJay Papelera
9. Natalie Krishna Das
10. Erin Wolfkiel
11. Cara Lawson

When the bowl party was over, it was time for a break which meant you could get a chance to grab some food, jump in the autograph session, relax for a few minutes, tally up the scores,  or get up to the vet ramp and get ready for another contest. Skateboardings luminaries were dropping in all day long to have a look at the action and lend there support. The ladies used the time to get warmed up on the ramp and before long Dave Duncan kicked off the contest. Away the younger ladies went and they were determined to fly.



Poppy Olsen boosting a backside air. (Dan Sparagna sporting some wristbands)


Arianna Carmona

beverly flood

Beverly Flood

1. Arianna Carmona
2. Poppy Olsen
3. Annika Vrklan
4. Bryce Ava Wettstein
5. Jordyn Barratt
6. Spencer Breaux
7. Beverly Flood
8. Brighton Zeuner
9. Pauline Branom
10. Alishia Stevens
11. Minna Stess
12. Tarryn Ross

The vert session then blended into the Progression session where the ladies tried hard to push themselves into making new tricks and were awarded with cash! Lizzie ended it with a monster lien to tail over the hip/channel. Alana Smith was trying to work in a 720! I’m pretty sure that it aint easy! It was quite a show and a tribute to women’s skateboarding progression. The awards were handed out as the sun was setting. What a kickass day and I’m sure we’ll see more next year.



Alysha Bergado – Tucking it frontside.

amelia brodka

Amelia Brodka – frontside air


Amelia Brodka throwing out a Feeble Grinder 

Renata Paschini

Flying in from Brazil, Renata Paschini


Gaby Ponce – Mute Air

gabby-ponce air

Gaby Ponce – Backside Air


Julz Lynn – grinding all day


Julz Lynn – inverted with a tuck knee.


Karen Jonz scored a few dollars and a lien air


Karen Jonz blasting a backside



Lizzy Armanto – Method Air on a dare and 1st place!


Mimi Knoop dropping eggs


Mimi Knoop – Slapping down a perfect Nose Grind


Mimi really floating this ollie home


Making it despite of the obvious hazard, Nicole Hause flying frontside.


Nicole Hause – moving up quick off the love seat

1. Lizzie Armanto ($1,200)
2. Mimi Knoop ($1,000)
3. Allysha Bergado ($900)
4. Gaby Ponce ($800)
5. Nicole Hause ($600)
6. Karen Jonz ($500)
7. Amelia Brodka
8. Julz Lynn
T-9. Renata Paschini
T-9. Alana Smith

TOP OVERALL AMATEUR (bowl and vert combined)
Arianna Carmona (free week at Woodward West)

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Thank you Gale Webb for the addition of the t-shirt pic (intro) of Amelia!