Upland Skatepark - Upland, California, U.S.A.

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Upland Skatepark - Upland, California, U.S.A.
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Upland Skatepark
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2006 Contest in the Pipe/Bowl Gallery
While Purkiss Rose gets credit for the design, former pro skater Steve Alba and CA skatepark builder Wally Hollyday saved the day and built an awesome park.

Upland Skatepark Series Finals 2005

IE Contest Series #3 Upland CA, 2013
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San Bernardino Rd. and N. 13th Ave.
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From the I10 near the Ontario Airport exit Euclid Ave. Head North for a minute and turn right onto Arrow Highway. Stay along that street and take the left road when it splits in a Y. This is San Bernardino Rd. It's just past the hospital on the north (left) side of the street.or try...To get there from L.A. take the 10 freeway east to Euclid exit. Take exit left to Euclid. Go right or north to Foothill. Go right and proceed past 2 stop lights. You will see Memorial park on right hand side after Wayne Gretzky's Rollerrink. From San Diego take 15 north to 10 east to 4th st exit. Go left off of freeway on go right on Grove. Proceed north to San Bernardino Rd.(If you go to Foothill you have gone too far) Go left and look for park on right hand side.


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Rejoice! For herein lies UNDENIABLE evidence that some sort of God loves us and wants us to be happy. This is Jurassic skateboarding at it finest! Massive speed, only a few tricks required = a rip ride. Hold on, because if you drop in from the top & down the "waterfall" you're going to be over vert in the pipe first wall, whether you want to be or not. Beware, too many hits from this pipe and you could be making a trip to the E.R. right next door (planned foresight?). A monument to high octane skateboarding. Who said pipe dreams can't come true? -Chris Kelleyp.s. There may have been a street course too, but I was so busy reloading myself into the bowl/pipe combo that I rarely looked up. Cheers! Super sick fullpipe. Way smooth and insanely fast. The rest of the park sucks but if you have any sense in you, you skate the pipe. Bring pads and a stretcher, this shit is gnar gnar. Fun park.I'm from NJ (I wrote in the info for Mental Skate Park)but I come to Upland every summer to see my grandma and I walk a lot to the skatepark when I'm there because back home the closest park that's actually worth going to is Vans at Moorstown Mall ( you must know from my info about mental) and that's not that good. But whenever I walk over there there's nobody there. SICK, almost suicidal, pipe they got there. Probably a really good idea it's a spit away from San Antonio ER. I've never done the park because in June when I went out I was to stupid to remember my board but next year i'll probably spaz out if i forget it. I'm not gonna do the pipe totally around next year because i just started skating again after a long break and i will probably still be try to get the flow of it again. I DO NOT recommend beginners to go here like 8-year olds because they'll be way to tempted to try the tube and kill themselves and the little 8-year olds are our future boarders. Fun, but bring pads an call the hospital to tell them your'll probably be there if your acting like a dumbbutt. Also, if you play very active teams sports like field hockey( i don't know if they have that on the west coast yet) lacrosse, basketball, baseball, soccer, football, street hockey, ice hockey or others be wary of the tube totally around because you could easily break your leg(s), arm(s),elbow(s),rib(s), nose, tailbone, hand(s),pelvis,or something else if you don't have enough speed going around, not wearing PADS and a HELMET, or just being a moron show-offy arse that day and end up in a hospital bed, hating yourself for being an arse.


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(Updated: March 28, 2014)
The Upland skatepark is pretty small, but it packs a mean punch. The fullpipe design is super good and very intense to ride. The concrete is flawlessly smooth. The deep end bowl is a bit more fun than Fontana (one of Uplands neighboring parks) if you like to do tricks. Much better vert and a little bigger. The only thing missing is pool coping around it and you'd never be able to get me away from it.

Right next to the fullpipe and bowl is a street course with some of the usual rails, funbox, banks, and pyramid. I imagine it'll be filled with young rippers while the older guys who enjoy speed are all huddled at the fullpipe.

- J.Greenwood
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The bowl here is the main feature of the park. As you can tell from the pictures it is gnarly and the waterfall allows for ridiculous amounts of speed going into the pipe and getting dumped out into the vert bowl. The street section here is quite fun as well with a variety of flowing banks and some standard stairs, ledges, and rails. Not much in the way of small transition here.
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