OG Jam Series Results, Stop#1 2013

The 2013 Old Guy Jam Series started off the year with a nice Jam session under cloudy skies in San Diego. The Mission Valley YMCA hosted the bowl contest and a bunch of great sponsors kicked down some prizes for about 30 competitors. Almost 10 in each division of 30-39, 40-49, and 50+. This time I think the 50+ could easily compete against everyone else. Eddie Dan and Dave really battled it out with some intense skating in that division. Rich Sanchez stood out in the 40-49 division because he was just plainly better and had incredible endurance. Garry Shuck was not too shabby either flying all over the place.  Kevin Burke showed how he ‘do it’! Rising to the top of the 30-39 utilizing the whole bowl with flow and mighty tricks. Steve Badillo, Brian Lynch and Mike Perez had a 1.5 point difference between the three of them so it was closer then fleas on a dog for 2-4 place.


Greg, Eddie, Dave, Dan, MC Lucas

1- Eddie Hadvina
2- Dave Hackett
3- Dan Sparagna
4- Greg Garret
5- Marco Torres
6- Carlos Novo
7- Ron Grewohl
8- Rick Dohery
9- Steve Wright
10- Xavier Lannes


Dan Sparagna

Dan Sparagna styling a nice fs tuck knee


Dave Hackett

Dave Hackett  – ferocious

Eddie Hadvina

Eddie Hadvina- powering it up


Greg Garret

Marco Torres – cheating death on a big stick!


1- Richard Sanchez
2- Garry Shuck
3- Jeff Greenwood
4- Aaron Glascock
5- Pat Rinker
6- Brian Vernia
7- Darrin Sanders
8- Dale Andreoli
9- Joe ‘Schmoe’ Ayala


Aaron Glascock – grinds hard as anyone can.


Garry Shuck – flying all day


Richard Sanchez

Richard Sanchez – Lien to tail


Steve Badillo, Kevin Burke, and Brian Lynch
1- Kevin Burke
2- Steve Badillo
3- Brian Lynch
4- Michael Perez
5- Matt Condon
6- Ben Butler
7- Sicky Nicky




Steve Badillo


Steve Badillo – Salflip Disaster.





Kevin Burke – great lines and large ollies


Ben Butler

Ben Butler – Smash and bash.


1- Melissa Spillman




30’s Steve Badillo Salflip Disaster

40’s Richard Sanchez Big Lien Air

50’s Eddie Hadvina Invert Deep End

Best Longboard Trick
Marco Torres ,50’s Dog Piss Deep End



 Here’s the Sponsors that helped make it happen:

Mission Valley YMCA

Arbor Skateboards

Jimmy Z Clothing

Bones Wheels

Powell Peralta

Black Leather Racing

Azunia Tequila

Vans Shoes

Khiro Bushings

Venice Originals

Concrete Wave

S-One Helmets

Santa Monica Airlines

  Thank you all for coming out!!! Thanks also to Gavin Badillo for the photo assist in the 30-39 division.