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OG Jam Series 2013- Ride the Birch!

Ron Chatman wins the 40-49 division
Ron Chatman wins the 40-49 division

On the northwest fringe of Los Angeles is Skatelab. It lies a bit off the beaten path in Simi Valley California. Skatelab is a serious community unto its own and has enough history to fill a couple chapters of the Skate History book. It is with great honor we have an OG Jam Series event here with the help of the Skatelab crew. This years contest was another fun gathering of the old guys in the birch bowl.

We got off to a late start, but that gave everyone extra warm up runs. Once all the equipment was plugged in the heat sheets created, and judges procured things got going pretty quick. As we continually say we go with the 50 year olds first because they could croak at any minute. Eddie Hadvina plowed through the competition once again for his 9th straight win in the 50 and over division. He got extra gnarly clipping super hard on an invert, but made it anyway. Jesse Swalley got the award for Harshest Slam (most punk IMO). He’s only got one leg so he rides on his knees. He was so fired up he tried rolling in backwards (he says its easier) on his knees! Face plant ensued, but he was alright.

2013 OG Jam - Skatelab - Greenwood
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The 30-39 division was dominated by Brian Lynch and Steve Badillo. Badillo had to tape up his sprained ankle but that didn’t slow him down. He can pull a 25 wall run out of his ass! He’s tough to beat. Lynch is a machine and worked hard on his run up to the contest. Lipslides, Smith Grinds, and slide and rolls dominated his lines. Zak Mayall is completely wild and totally unpredictable, he nabbed 3rd. Corey, Kevin and Niky were pressed to keep up, though they didn’t get the top spots they had a good time.

brian lynch lipslide
brian lynch lipslide

The 40-49 division, or the shark tank as I call it because I’m in it, was next. When you have George Watanabe and Ron Chatman in your group you gotta watch out! These guys are constantly flying in from everywhere and going for broke. If George stays on he’ll win one for sure, this time Chatman did! It aint easy taking on Garret Naka and Mondo who have a limitless bag of lip trickery tech tricks.  The rest of us just did what we do and had as much fun as possible.

Even though the amount of entrants wasn’t as high as Santa Monica it was a good time. The finale on Dec. 7th @ Vans Skatepark in Orange should be another blow out. Last years was extremely heavy! I would expect it to be another combi contest we’ll all remember. I’ll see you down there soon because I need a lot of practice.

The Results:

1- Eddie Hadvina
2- Carlos Novo
3- Ron Grewohl
4- Richard Doherty
5- Robert Weddle
6- Steve Wright
7- Jesse Swalley

Best Trick – Eddie Hadvina Invert
Harshest Slam – Jesse Swalley

1- Ron Chatman
2- Mondo De La Libertad
3- Garret Naka
4- George Watanabe
5- Jeff Greenwood
6- Aaron Glascock
7- Darin Sanders
8- Andrew Ruiz
Best Trick – Ron Chatman – Crail Slide on the Extension

1- Steve Badillo
2- Brian Lynch
3- Zak Mayall
4- Corey Oswald
5- Kevin Davis
6- Sicky Nicky
Best Trick – Steve Badillo -BS Varial Disaster

A Huge thanks to Skatelab, everyone who chipped in on judging, Lucas for MC’ing,  and all our Sponsors (see Flyer)

Flyer for the Skatelab Contest 2013
Flyer for the Skatelab Contest 2013