OGJS #3 – The Cove in Santa Monica CA.

The Old Guy Jam Series #3 was a blast in Santa Monica CA. A larger contingent gathered and more Urethane was bleed in the Cove’s flow bowl then it has ever seen. Old Guys are ripping it up, and there were some ladies joinging in the fun too! Eddie Hadvina has been on a roll the whole series! Can anybody over 50 take him down? Is he the Best Skater in the world at over 50? There’s some big names out there that could give him a run for his money, but they might not be able to take the king of the Jam Series (I.M.O.).

If you were there and laid witness, you can remember the craziness of the finale. The 40-49’s were kept at bay because the sun was badly positioned, but one the sun went behind the trees the ripping commenced. To all our surprise, we had one run left to go, and Tuma on the mic, says ‘Its a Death Jam!" Oh shit! 20 large Old Guys vying for some elbow room in the flow bowl. Many were left scratching their heads or proclaiming ‘No Way, I gotta work on Monday’.  It was treacherous, often times up to 5 guys riding simultaneously, criss crossing the connected bowls. The quality of skating goes down when this happens, but watching it is terrifying and the crowd goes nuts, so it went down. Time was called thankfully, and nobody was killed.

Results: (I would like to get the overall results in place, check back to find out)

Eddie Hadvina

Eddie Hadvina – FS Air

1.eddie hadvina (overall in 1st)
2.ron grewohl
3.greg garrett (overall in 2nd)
4.carlos nova
5.rich doherty
6.russell fleming
7.xavier lanes
8.steve wright
9.jerry schuman

Bernie O'Dowd

Bernie O’Dowd – trucking to 1st

1. bernie o’dowd
2. mondo de libertad
3. dave taylor
4. ron chatman
5. jeff greenwood (overall in 1st)
6. aaron glasscock (overall in 2nd – I think)
7. gerry shuck
8. greg le blanc
9. james rodriguez
10. dave flowler
11. robert weddle
12. nick couscouris
13. t bone
14. starsky klienhans
15. pat muzingo
16. darin sanders
17. steve primo
18. kenny "knucklehead nelson
19. bradley smith
20. dale andreoli

Kevin Burke

Kevin Burke – riding the pony to fakie

1. kevin burke
2. steve badillo
3. chris purcell
4. manny ortiz
5. mark nelson
6. sicky nicky dunlop

melissa spillman

Cheryl Jumao-As – movin’ fast

30-39 womens
1. melissa spillman
2. cheryl juman-as
3. ocea iverson

I added LOADS more PHOTOS in a gallery here