OG Jam Series, 2014 @ Clairemont YMCA

The 2014 series kicked off last weekend in San Diego with a great day and great skating in the bowl @ the Clairemont YMCA.  Josh Nelson took top honors in the 40-49 division which had 25 entrants, by blasting, shredding, sliding, and plain ol’ out ripping everyone else hands down. There were lots of new faces giving it a go and some certainly got hooked on the fun vibe of skating hard with your friends.

I hope you enjoy the pics Eddie, Dan, and I took in the gallery, I am sorry there isn’t a way for me to caption them (yet). I’ll try to get a video clip up tomorrow.

Garret Shigenaka put up a batch of great pics on his Flickr account here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/8817928@N07/with/14345701523/




Best Trick (30’s) – Matt Condon – Cab to noseslide



Best Trick (40’s) – Rich Lopez, Extra Large Stalefish