Eric Nash's Video Vault

Eric Nash’s Video Vault

Eric Nash is a former top pro skater from the late 80’s and early 90’s who made a habit out of getting skateboard footage onto VHS tapes and put into his vaults. The clips we are putting up online are a lesson in skateboarding history. Nash’s collection is probably more extensive than 95% of any other persons on the planet. It would take us years to digitize the whole collection, so enjoy what we can get up when we can get it up.

Installment #11

NSA MINIRAMP PRO – SAN JOSE CA 1991 – This is the final run of the top 10 riders, skate until you fall finals. This clip is 87MB download ~BEWARE FILE SIZE~
In order of Qualifying: Alfonso Rawles, Tommy Guerrero, Chad Vogt, Mike McGill, Wade Speyer, Jeff Kendall, J.J. Rogers, Steve Caballero, Omar Hassan, & Tony Hawk.
Results: 1. Omar Hassan, 2. Tony Hawk, 3. Steve Caballero, 4. Wade Speyer, 5. Jeff Kendall, 6. Mike Mcgill, 7. Chad Vogt, 8. Tommy Guerrero, 9. J.J. Rogers, 10. Alfonso Rawls

Installment #10

Shut Up and Skate – Pro Vert Finals at the Skatepark of Houston in 1989. This is raw from the final runs of each rider in the jam. You skate until you fall (with a 1st or 2nd wall rebate). This clip is 110MB download ~BEWARE FILE SIZE~
In order of appearance (If you can download that pig) Micke Alba, Ken Fillion, Jim Murphy,Jon Sonner,Craig Johnson, John Fabriquer, Nicke Guerrero, Jeff ‘FFEJ’ Hedges, Eric Nash, Brian Pennington, Monty Nolder, Scott Stanton, Alan Losi, Bod Boyle, Danny Way, Steve Schneer Part 1:
Part 2:

Installment #9

The order they are in is the order of the Finals Runs from this Vans NSA contest at the private Vans Skate Facility in 1989. These video clip picks are the best of the 2 runs each person had. Uncharacteristically, lots of the Top Guns were bailing out! Final Results:
1. Chris Miller 2. Tony Hawk 3. Danny Way 4. Bod Boyle 5. Reese Simspson 6. Al Losi 7. Mike Mcgill 8. Christian Hosoi 9. Steve Caballero 10. Micke Alba

Installment #8

Micke Alba Ruling the Baldy Pipe
Mark Gonzales tearing up Tony Hawks Vert Ramp

Installment #7

1989 – The Upland Pipeline was the last big skatepark to go. Besides Kona Skatepark in Florida, it was the lone beacon of skatepark history carried over from the 1970’s. Here’s a few moments of the last 24 hours that were captured on Eric’s video camera. The session raged on as the destruction swept through the final remaining bastian of an era of Skate History. Mike Serna, Chris Robison, Tim Galvin, Chuck Hultz, Eric Nash, Kelly Belmar, & Steve Alba get the final runs in the combi pool…(each clip is nearly 40MB so don’t even try it if your on a modem)

The Sporadic Interviews
The first 5 minutes of video of the final session
The final 5 minutes of video of the session

Installment #6

1980 Big-O Gold Cup. This is rare contest footage of Al Losi, Steve Olson, Steve Alba, Steve Caballero, Gino Tocci, Brad Bowman, John Gibson, Duane Peters, and Dave Andrecht in the legendary Capsule Pool. (Each clip is approx 4.1 MB)

Alan Losi
Steve Olson
Steve Alba
Steve Caballero
Gino Tocci
Brad Bowman
John Gibson
Duane Peters
Dave Andrecht

Installment #5

1984 Del Mar Keyhole. One of the ultimate head to head contests that came down to Tony Hawk and Christian Hosoi. Style versus trickery. Hawk takes it as Christian bails out on a monsterous 540. The top 8 qualifiers all have clips + a couple extra from the montage. Billy Ruff, Gator, Christian Hosoi, Tony Hawk, Lester Kasai, Jeff Phillips, Chris Miller, & Kevin Staab.

Installment #4

1984 Palmdale Desert Ramp Classic. More clips of your old favorites. Billy Ruff, Neil Blender, Steve Caballero, Micke Alba, Gator, Magnusson interview, Christian Hosoi, Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero #2, Mike McGill, & Lester Kasai.

Installment #3

1984 Clown Ramp Jam/Contest. Here we got clips of Hosoi, Cab, Mountain, Phillips, Grosso, Nolder, Gibson, Johnson, Ruff, Blender, Hawk, Lester Kasai, Eric Nash, Tom Groholski, Losi, and Staab.

Tony Hawk

Christian Hosoi

John Gibson

Craig Johnson

Lester Kasai

Tom Grohoski

Jeff Grosso

Lance Mountain

Steve Caballero

Al Losi

Installment #2

Neil Blender Interview, Blender, Dave Andrecht, & Dennis Martinez @ BigO, and a DEVO video.

Installment #1

Skating from Upland (Micke & Steve Alba, and Duane Peters), Skate City, Big O, and a little Delmar Freestyle.

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