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SkaterEvolution is a new website trying to make it in the Social Network world. It has a taken a different approach then the rest and some of you might find it interesting.

Let me explain:

SkaterEvolution wants you to create an account and upload your videos of you performing tricks to earn points based on difficulty. The points in turn will equal discounts on Skateboarding merchandise in their online store.  There will also be several contest to win prizes along the way.

Skater Evolution Ranking List

  • Amateur (Everyone Starts At This Rank – Must Learn Basics To Move Up To Next Level)
  • Rookie (Just Learning Tricks)
  • Skater (A Decent Skater – Can Perform A Fair Amount Of Tricks)
  • Extreme (A Higher Skilled Skater That Can Perform Some Difficult Tricks)
  • Sick (A High Level Skater That Can Perform Very Difficult Tricks)
  • Pro (A Proven Skater That Can Perform Just About Any Trick)
  • Extreme Pro (A Pro Level Skater That Has Developed A New Trick For Skater Evolution)

I think there are 3 types of reactions I expect  you will have about this:

1) Your a young kid or a skate mom/dad, skating is everything to you, you shoot lots of video of yourself/your child and want to share it. You will be able to be king of SkaterEvolution and be able to look back like a diary of your future skateboarding career.

2) You find the amount of work it takes to make and upload videos will be fun for a while.

3) Not your bag. But even for those who don’t want to do the trick/video portion I found something worth while! They have a killer trick dictionary! You’ll probably find a new trick to throw down or something you forgot you once did back in your heyday.

So whether or not you want to get into this is up to you. I have given my my take, do with it what you must or tell a friend who might not know.