Oregon Trifecta 2012 Results

Pro Results

1 – Sky Siljeg 17 Bothell, WA
2 – Josh Rodiguez 18 Banning, CA
3 – Rion Linderman 23 Roseburg, CA
4 – Zion O’Friel 19 Silverdale, WA
5 – Michael Brookman 19 Montclair, CA
6 – Frank Shaw 18 Medford,OR
7 – Ben Johnson 22 San Antonio, TX

8 – Demarcus James 23 San Francisco, CA
9 – Haden Mckenna 16 Venice, CA
10 – Jamie Jacobson 28
11 – Keith Baldassare 17 Merritt Island, FL
12 – Miles Canevello 20 Huntington Beach, CA
13 – Nukes(ChrisNukella) 22 Pier Park
14 – Ronnie Yerman 21 Fontana, CA
15 – Avery Suarez 18 Richland, WA

Masters Results

1st – Mark Partain 47 Hood River, OR
2nd – Tom Kilroy 47 Boise, ID
3rd – Mike Rogers 45 Cocoa Beach, FL
4  – Chris Cook  Pacifica, CA
5 – Troy Silter 46 Portland, OR
6 – Scott Lambright 47 Turner, OR

Girls Results

1 – Lizzie Armanto 19 Santa Monica, CA
2 – Justyce Tabor 16 Seaside, OR
3 – Abby Zsarnay 18 Santa Pava, CA
4  – Nicole Noller 29 Colorado Springs, CO
5 – Ameejay Papelera 20 Lakewood, CA
6 – Julie Westfall 20 Chatsworth, CA
7 – Colette Peterson 27 Auburn, WA
8 – Livi Molodyh 13 Hubbard, OR

15 & Under Amateur:

1 – Kaden Campbell 13
2 – Griffin Chase 13
3 – Jake Selover 15
4 – Aidan Dansey 14
5 – Morgan Wolf 13
6 – Bobo Kuamoo 13

Oregon Trifecta is changing for the smaller 2012

World Cup Concrete Series 2011

World Cup Skateboarding
Concrete Bowl Series 2011

In 2000, over 10 years ago, WCS kicked off the Concrete Challenge series in Colorado as well as overseeing the Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl competition in San Jose, CA. Shortly after, WCS developed the Soul Bowl comps in Huntington and Hermosa Beach, developing the first Masters division for skaters over 35.

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A few years later bowl competitions popped up in France and Austria. At the same time, back in Oregon, Red was building park after park with tranny everywhere. Choppy Omega created the Trifecta and enlisted WCS to help out. The Trifecta, with 3 different parks, 3 days in a row, continues year after year to redefine the meaning of core skateboarding. Not long after, Vans started the superbowl of bowl skating with the first Pro Tec Pool Party, which also features the highest prize purse for bowl skating with over $113,000 planned for 2011. In 2006, the Bondi Bowl a Rama in Australia, was created. This was the brainchild of Chad Ford, another park designer who also couldn’t help but follow his heart building parks with tranny. 2 years later the New Zealand Bowl a Rama was born as well. Also in 2008, Texas became involved with the Rock the Cradle event in Houston, as a part of the Johnny Romano Memorial Contest. In 2010, the Orange Freestyle Cup in Marseille, France was added to the list of WCS Bowl events with a long-term agreement.

For 2011 Bowl Skating is alive and growing at an amazing rate as skateparks are being built on a daily basis around the world. New this year, we welcome the Ultra Bowl event in Malmo, Sweden to the tour, Plans for a new Vans Skatepark in Huntington Beach also include a bowl comp which could take place in October or November of this year.

World Cup Skateboarding is excited to have been a major player in the growth of Bowl/Park skateboarding and will continue to develop and support Bowl skateboarding around the world.

WCS Concrete Bowl Series 2011

January 29Amateur Combi Pool Classic
Orange, CA
(am men )
February 12Wellington Bowl a Rama
New Zealand
(pro & masters)
February 19Vans Bondi Bowl a Rama
Bondi, Australia
(pro & masters)
March 19Florida Bowl Riders #1
New Smyrna Beach Skatepark, FL
(pros, masters & girls)
March 20Florida Bowl Riders #2
Kona Skatepark, Jacksonville, FL
(pros, masters & girls)
May 20 & 21Pro Tec Pool Party
Orange, CA
(pro & masters – Qualifier 3/19)
June 23 & 26Orange Freestyle Cup
Marseille, France
(pro & masters)
August 5Sector Nine Oregon Trifecta  #1
(pro, masters, girls & ams)
August 6Sector Nine Oregon Trifecta  #2
(pro, masters, girls & ams)
August 7Sector Nine Oregon Trifecta  #3
(pro, masters, girls & ams)
August 19 & 21Ultra Bowl – Malmo, Sweden
(pro & masters)
September 25Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl – San Jose, CA
(pro, masters, girls & ams)
Oct/Nov TBAHuntington Beach, CA
Nov. TBAGirls Combi Pool Classic
(girls only, pro & ams)

Bowl Rankings based on the following:

Pros & Masters: Best 7 results, must have competed in 2 international events for number 1 ranking.

Girls: Best 4 results, must include Girls Combi Pool Classic for number 1 ranking.

Amateur: Best 3 results

Pleases check the WCS site for updates and possible changes.


Aug. 15th -17, Lincoln City Oregon, Tigard Oregon, Battle Ground WA.

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Oregon Bi-Fecta Results

I was home this weekend and let the live GO211 broadcast roll for many hours per day. It was good enough to see what was going on. They said they would post up the video on demand clips this week so check them out later this week for a recap or if you didn’t watch it.

BLKPRJKT and MRZ are still up there for today and will be bringing back their coverage this week also ~ Here’s the top results ~Stay tuned for more.
-Jeff G.

Pier Park Portland – Corn Cup
1. Benji Galloway
2. Steve Pineiro (ripping 12 year old)
3. Mason Huggins
4. Skye Siljeg

1. Lance Mountain
2. Mark Partain
3. Mark Scott

1. Julie Kindstrand
2. Priscilla Lee
3. Nora Vasconcellos

Tigard – Crown Royale
1. Kevin Kowalski
2. Mason Huggins
3. Josh Mattson
4. Skye Siljeg
5. Tim Johnson
6. Steve Pineiro

1. Buck Smith
2. Lance Mountain
3. Mark Partain
4. Lenny Bird
5. Jason Parkes
6. Pat Black

1. Julie Kindstrand
2. Nora Vasconcellos
3. Priscilla Lee

Lincoln City – Golden Otter