List your 5 current personal favorite skateparks and why.

1) Vans Skatepark, Orange CA. – The new combi is the best pool of all time.

1) Bucky Lasek’s House– bigger and more open than combi but not quite as many lines. Much better atmosphere though.

Chris Miller corner air @ Pier Park – Portland Oregon

2) Pier Park – Portland OR. – The pipe and big bowl are pretty awesome. The line over the door is always exciting.

Chris Miller – Indy Air @ Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA, Encinitas CA.

3) Louisville Extreme Park, Louisville KY. – Another pipe and bowl combo that is amazing. I can’t even remember the rest of the park and I never even made it back to their vert ramp, but the pipe and big bowl are great.

4) Burnside, Portland OR. – In terms of creativity and history, maybe the best park ever. It is legendary and fun to skate.

5) Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA, Encinitas CA. – For anyone who likes vert, the history alone makes it great. The kidney pool is a gem and always fun. I kind of have a thing for the hip.

(Bonus Park) What is your all time favorite skatepark? Why?
Pipeline Skatepark, Upland CA. (R.I.P.) – It would take a long time to explain in detail but see all of the above and know that none of those would have happened without the influence of Upland.

Thanks to Earth Patrol Media for the Miller pic at Pier Park