Skateparks – Darren Navarrette

Darren, what are your 5 favorite skateparks ever and bonus, which old one is your favorite:

Darren: In no particular order, I would go to any of these:

1) Quito Equador. its a Dinosaur of South American concrete craftsmanship. just a amazing place to ride snake runs, bowls and a full pipe.

2) Anaka Bowl Japan. old key hole that has been there for many moons. fine old crafted concrete. if your into the ways of once were this is a must.

3) Rom or Haro in England old snake runs nothing more to say really but old snake runs. Legends have rolled here.

4) Upland Skatepark, Upland CA.- Full pipe in upland California. It’s just one of the fastest full pipes I’ve ever ridden. Makes your eyes water when you ride it. So ya, it makes grown ass men cry.

5) Kona Skatepark. Jacksonville Florida. Old legendary park many many hot moves have been done here.  Snakeruns, old concrete, vert ramp, bowls. Everything a skatepark is supposed to feel like.

6) Dodge skate park in Columbus Ohio? well when there was no concrete any where there was only a few spots that you could find create dodge was the one to hold out in the Midwest. sick snackish run. a must in Midwest still standing concrete

7) THE TURF. No need to explain. If you want to know do your studies!