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Nextpark’s – Le Guide Des Skateparks 2011


This here guide is an excellent resource for checking out skateparks in France. They have come out with a yearly guide to update the landscape with information pertaining to the best of the skateparks around France. It is a hard copy edition and I came across it online as I was verifying some skatepark entries into our Directory. So we have mixed blood and decided to get us an ad in the guide to promote our global directory. They said sure and we’ll help you with your French listings. Win Win! No Brainer!

There are many awesome parks in this guide and I hope to go through France skateboarding soon to check out the best ones. The only downer is that I don’t know French. I am slowly picking it up though. The editors made it a point of saying our skateparks in the USA are way better in general, but by the looks of it the French skateparks are catching up in quality. There are many skate plaza’s, loads of mid sized concrete bowls, and many indoor facilities that are top notch. The publication itself is premium quality all color and heavy grade of paper. So if your heading through the heart of Europe and France is in the cards get a copy before hand to help make your travel decisions (if our directory isn’t up to par).

Nextpark is published by CPPresse. They also publish guides for Snowboarding, Surfing, Offroading, MotoX, etc…

The cost is 3.5 Euro, and can be found on newstands in Europe. I will try to get some copies for our shop in the coming weeks.


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Nextpark's - Le Guide Des Skateparks 2011
Nextpark’s – Le Guide Des Skateparks 2011