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“Let it Bleed” – 1984 Video

“Let it Bleed” – Volume 1

The Players:
Jason Adams, Chet Childress, Neil Heddings, Eric Dressen, Chris Swanson, Crazy Eddie, Sam Hitz, Tony Loco, Pigpen, Tony Trujillo, Jerry Haffner, Steve Nesser, Ricky Espinoza, John Ponts, Patrick Rakestraw, Wes Tonascia, Aaron Harrison, & JUB.

This video has a line-up of heavy weights in the party hard, skate hard crew. The video documents the teams assault of a south to north journey up the west coast USA. The crew assaults anything and everything they stumble across, from the new Cali hotspot Ripon, up to the worlds best park in Newberg, and the Butter Bowl in West Seattle. Beer is swilled, the music is loud, partying is hard core… it’s a video we model our own road trips after! It carries on an ancient tradition of “Skate and Destroy”!

Guest appearances are made by many Rippers not listed above. I’d recommend this video to any veteran skater out there and to any young rippers who realize there is more to life than standing still trying kickflips all day.