Skateparks – Jeff Hedges

Invert on the pipe in San Jose CA.
Invert on the pipe in San Jose CA.

Q1: How many parks have you skated?: 30 or 40 maybe? There weren’t a lot of parks in the 80’s and then I had a while where I wasn’t skating much around the years all the newer parks came out, so that just means I have a lot of places that I get to skate for the 1st time now.

Q2: 5 current faves:
1) Cunningham Regional Skate Park, San Jose CA. – The 12′ Skull Bowl and 22′ Pipe w/13′ halfpipe/bowl are both incredible spots, and to have them both in one park makes LCRSP one of the best skateparks around. The locals rip, and are great people, the weather is nice, and lights at night.

2) Vans Skatepark, Orange CA. – Combi Pool v3 – what more needs to be said? Best pool I have ever ridden, hands down.

3) Laguna Skate Garden – Sebastopol, California, U.S.A. – great little peanut pool (perfect pour, so smooth, and a rad color to 😉 and a fun flow bowl make this one stand out

4) Roosevelt Skatepark – San Jose, California, U.S.A. – Great pool in the back, and a fun flow bowl, relaxed atmosphere, good times.

5) Pier Park Skatepark – Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. – I haven’t actually ridden this one yet, but went there for the ’09 Trifecta (healing from wrist snap) and saw some great skating go down, and it is my #1 draw to get me back up to Oregon for a road trip. Fullpipe with a mouse hole, and a rad square pool at one end. Rad!

Q3: all time fave:
Skatepark Victoria – Milpitas Skatepark – the first skatepark I ever rode, first time on transition and the beginning of my hardcore addiction to skating. Also one of the better parks in its era, and would still be a top notch park if it were here today.
Honorable mentions: the Upland Pipeline, and The Turf.