Hitman: How does the average day in the life of Henry G go?

Henry: Well first of all I work mostly. I write software in the daytime and drink beer at night. You can find me skating the vert ramp at Trashmore in the evenings when it cools down. In between all that I like listening to my iPod.

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Chris Gentry Interview Intro

…you actually experience ‘the rip-off’. You gotta experience getting ripped off in the system and when you see the numbers on what the networks bring in and what the economical impact of our sports are and how much gets routed back to the athletes you know it’s pretty disgusting…

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Phillips Fusion Soul Bowl 2002

Mervyns Beach Bash 2002

Another Soul Bowl Contest
I guess people in the crowd were led to believe the Monkey and Tony Hawk were gonna make an appearance, and all they got in return was slammed by mass marketing.

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2002 Mervyn’s Beach Bash

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Steve Alba Pro Interview

“…I don’t know. I mean I don’t make any money any more outside of Hurley. I get some photo incentives here and there . That’s kind of a hard question . I’ve done my time and I’ve gotten a lot of good stuff out of it.”

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