Pro Interviews


Hitman: How does the average day in the life of Henry G go?

Henry: Well first of all I work mostly. I write software in the daytime and drink beer at night. You can find me skating the vert ramp at Trashmore in the evenings when it cools down. In between all that I like listening to my iPod.

Method Air at Trashmore
Method Air at Trashmore

Hitman: What was it like for you in your early days skating with such amazingly talented people like your brothers?

Henry: Having two brothers that skate is pretty unexplainable. We grew up living and breathing skateboarding. We pushed each other to the limits. Virginia Beach had the first city sponsored vert ramp in the country and it was only five minutes from our house. I guess that was around 84. There were a lot of pro contests in Virginia Beach at the time so we were always around heavy ripping. We had a tight crew and to be in you had to have a fork burn. Getting burned was a way of life! So many good skaters came out of here… guys like Mike Crescini, Alan Midget, Sergie Ventura, Andy Howell, Mike Conroy, Rob Agliam, and to this day Kyle Beer-rard. HA!

The Underplant - back in the Sims Pro Heydays
The Underplant – back in the Sims Pro Heydays

Hitman: Did you take any time off of skateboarding? From watching recent footage of you, it seems like you never quit. In fact, it seems like you are better than ever.

Henry: No I’ve only taken time off when I’m hurt. Knock on wood… I guess that’s bad karma. It’s hard to put something down you love doing. We had an indoor park that got us through the 90’s. I was part owner but my buddy Rob Bradford owned the majority of it and made it work. It closed down around 1999 and forced us to travel to skate. We would skate Van’s DC and all the North Carolina Outer Banks spots. Mostly. The Wanchese bowl even though I haven’t been there in a while is still one of my favorites. Now we have our new vert ramp at Trashmore. Funny cause it’s probably the only public vert ramp on the East Coast. I’m still having fun. That’s all that matters. I wanted to learn 540’s when I turned 40 but it didn’t happen until I turned 41.

Inspiring anyone over 40 to learn new tricks - McTwist
Inspiring anyone over 40 to learn new tricks – McTwist

Hitman: From the little time I’ve spent conversing with you on the internet you seem like one of the most laid back, positive people that I’ve ever met. Is this an all natural, mental thing, or do you smoke bud? Do you drink too? Ha Ha

Henry: HA! Like they say Older Budwiser. I think its cause I eat a lot of Filipino food. Rice is nice.

Hitman: What different attitudes and terrain do you see at the skate parks of today that are different from the ones you seen 20-30 years ago?

Henry: Well, I started riding during the 70’s cement skate park boom. Its rad how things always come back around but today kids kind of take it for granted. Skateboarding was a hundred times cooler when it was underground. Everyone is a cool guy now. It’s ridiculous.

Getting Bloody isn’t going to stop him – Soul Bowl 2008

Hitman: Before we sign off, could you tell me about any events you have been doing, what bands you got going strong, and your current sponsors?

Henry: Bands… hmmm, my influences are around 70’s punk and 80’s hardcore. I play in a band with my brother Glenn. We’re called Lostribe. I ride for Type-S wheels, Wave Riding Vehicles, and Relic Skateboards.

Sponsors are cool but you gotta skate for yourself. In the end, that’s all that matters. Gotta go… feel like I’m rambling.