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Warped Tour Report 1999

Ryan Kentfield – A sweet looking 360 flip wasn’t too bad of an interruption between contest runs. Actually, he did make it in his run too.

The street course was about 1 hair short of a bald head. It SUCKED! When all the hoopla was said and done, Ben Butler had qualified for the trip to the Finals. Second spot went to Joe Moorman (after Sonja threw him out of the contest???) and 3rd spot went to Ryan Kentfield. The competitors were covered with dirt from the parking lot. Shower Time!

Most Memorable Moment

The Nursing station which had 2 hot teenage girls dripping blood out of the back of their skulls. There were blood stains head to toe on these ladies, so I asked what happened to them and they said, ” I was just crowd surfing. It doesn’t really hurt.” I only wish I had one more photo left to shoot to show everyone.

(All photo’s thought’s and words – J.Greenwood)

When Joe Moorman gets serious, seriously nuts that is, you’ll catch him jumping into just about anything. Although, he doesn’t alway’s make it.


Remy Stratton
Remy Stratton 
f.s.ollie tail grab

The vert ramp wasn’t quite up to par, as usual, in Seattle. Since there is no vert scene within 150 miles it’s not an easy form of skating to get people stoked on.  Still, the pro demo was quite a good show. Remy Stratton (above) was juiced up, Steve Caballero flew around, Chris Livingston,  and a few others ripped apart the ramp for the masses.
In between all that the qualifier was run and Josh Kerrigan took the bait and gets to go to Cali for the Finals. (note, he already moved there) I (me, J.ed) wobbled into 2nd. there were only 3 others who were man enough to even attempt to enter the comp. So it was quick, which is a good thing.


warped crowd

This was the typical stage/crowd

The music this year promised to be really good. It’s too bad it was fucking annoying!  The only time anyone stood out when I was was the Bagpipes intro for the DropKick Murphy’s. The other 2 main stages were in between sets and quiet for a moment. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there were a ton of great performances, but you couldn’t get into every pit for every group you wanted to see. I gave up interest and split  before suicidal Tendencies and Ice-T, so I missed the 2 good shows I wanted to see. Cypress Hill Pulled out for some reason and the spot was filled by the WACK Eminem’ phenom. From afar his sound was pretty bad sounding, especially for “MY NAME IS!”
All the rest of the bands were screaming loud and pretty hard on the ears since they were all playing simultaneously. And I don’t know what was up with the “JIMI HENDRIX Music Experience, it was so loud, no one wanted to go near the damn thing! 

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