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Eric Green - Frontside Blunt

The qualifier for the warped tour kinda went like this. About 60 people entered all vying for there chance at getting in to the Warped Tour’s 25 person quota. Last year there was only 19 entries, so you can tell that this event is becoming largely more popular. So we show up real late, as usual, and hear the contest going on within. It sounded like they were finishing up, but we quickly found out there was 4 heats and they were just starting the 2nd one.

Sabin Olson

So we realize that we have a few hours to kill. So a mangy ragtag fugitive fleet of concrete disciples piled into the hell van and headed out to the Redmond park close by. ( fully stocked up on beer mind you!) The park was quiet for the most part and it was hot out. So, needless to say, Bobcat tried to get everyone hammered so he could beat us in the competition. After pushing around for an hour in the hot sun in a pollen flurry I was the first to get pooped out. Then I couldn’t keep the pollen from getting into my beers so it required fast guzzling to keep it out. Photo’s will be posted from this day in the photo section shortly.

Warped Tour Air

So we get back into the van, with a nice buzz rolling through the migrants. We show up with just a few minutes to spare. we watch the comp for a little bit until it’s our turn. Soon as the gun sounds All Hell Breaks Loose! Our session had a massive quantity of complete rippers who didn’t care if anyone else was gonna get in the way. Energy was getting burned and for those of use who used most of it at Redmond the tank ran out of gas just in time for our session.

Sabin was going to opt for the extreme approach and reach back for some soul roots riding. Yeah right! He was doing shit barefoot that most can’t do ( including myself) with shoes on.

Marshal Stack out did himself with mass variations of all kinds of lip tricks and a cool as ice run through the street course to boot! Earning a nicely deserved 2nd place.

Marshal Reid

The rest of the thing was a good time. Somehow the judges had sympathy and got me in the top 10. Eric Green killed the joint! 1st place. There were several out of towners that entered who ripped it up good. I don’t have there names but they made it a lot more fun.
Now these 26 guys get to go to the next round….

Warped Tour Seattle Qualifier Official Results

1.Eric Green!!!
2.Marshall Stack
3.Ben Butler
4.Josh Carrigan
5.Rob Dickinson
6.Jeremy Uttech
7.Jeff Greenwood
8.James Carlson
9.Casey Carlson
10.Nick Drake
11.Jamie Bernard
12.Ryan Parrott
13.Jesse Uttech
14.Shawn Fenn
15.Rob Collins
16.Mike McKinnis
17.Nate Sherwood
18.Sabin Olson
19.Karl Meng
20.Geoff Olson
21.Darren Messman
22.Matt Mayo
23.Silas Shaw
24.Josh Corvin
25.Ryan Kentfield
26.Dave Roppel

26 are going to go to the Warp Tour due to a 3 way tie for 25th (24-26)

Sean Fenn - Warped Tour
Sean Fenn – Warped Tour

And that’s how it went!