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The LG Skateboarding Championships

Hey vert jocks! You are getting paid to skate. If you don’t want to get $30,000 to skate, go home.

Now I know that all the Concrete Disciples out there are not into the contest thing, you guys are out there shredding your own shit. In today’s world of skateboarding contests are all supported some by mega corpo companies so the disdain for these things is understood. That being said, if you have kids that skate or you like to see guys blast Kickflip Indy’s 9’ above a vert ramp then checking out a contest can be fun. Besides, this contest took place in Pomona so I stopped by Chino on my way home.

The street contest was pretty fun but the course was hella slow, at least that’s what Chris Senn, Dayne Brummet, and Josh Evin told me. Thirteen-year old Ryan Sheckler took third. Man that kid has made like $100k in prize money this year alone, not bad for a skate rat. Chris Senn Fuckin Rules! Any Disciple would appreciate his speed lines. It is clear that Chris’s skating is heavily influenced by crete. Chris attacks things like a pool, throws in some tech tricks and voila, 2nd place and $17,500 goes back to Grass Valley with Mr. Senn. Daniel Vieira won with all the crazy street. Daniel takes $30k back to Brazil and I am pretty sure you can buy the Amazon River for 30k in Brazil.

Tas Pappas made a good showing
Tas Pappas made a good showing

Some of the skaters were pretty bummed on the vert ramp. In fact, they refused to hold a contest. The organizers turned it into a demo to appease them. Then it was turned back into a contest. Hey vert jocks! You are getting paid to skate if you don’t want to get $30,000 to skate, go home. Even 20th place got $1,000 at this contest. So leave the wah, wah’s at home. There probably is not a Concrete Disciple that has not spent hours driving just to skate mediocre pool, for no money at all. Once the crying stopped, the action started and the contest was sick. By the time the finals rolled around the skaters where all fucking ripping. Of course Bucky won because he was doing nollie 360 flips while spinning 360, fuck man! Sandro tried some 900’s and everyone else was ripping too, all on a “shitty” ramp.

The event was cool, I think next year they are going to move it because So Cal is so jaded and not enough people came out to watch. I liked it because they sold beer and I even snuck in my own stash of Miller, ahh, the champagne of beers.

Bucky Lasek McTwist
Bucky Lasek McTwist

Street Results
1. Daniel Vieira
2. Chris Senn
3. Ryan Sheckler
4. Paul Macnau
5. Chad Bartie
6. Josh Evin

Bob Burnquist - regular or switch frontside air???
Bob Burnquist – regular or switch frontside air???

Skateboarding Vert Final Results

1. Bucky Lasek – Baltimore, MD
2. Sandro Dias – Santo Andre, Brazil
3. Bob Burnquist – Rio de Janiero, Brazil
4. Neal Hendrix – Redondo Beach, CA
5. Tas Pappas – Melbourne, Australia
6. Mike Crum – Long Beach, TX
7. Paul Zitzer – Milwaukee, WI
7. Lincoln Ueda – Sao Paulo, Brazil
9. Pierre-Luc Gagnon – Canada
10. Chris Gentry – Houston, TX