Warped Tour AM Finals 2001

Vans competitors hold up the Orange Park for a weekend.

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Why would you want to go watch a bunch of Amateurs in a competition? Maybe it’s to see some competition between skaters? No! Maybe it’s to see the next too big for his droopy drawers superstar? No! Maybe it’s because you’ll get to skate the skatepark for free that day? No! For most it’s about bringing you, a #, to read and look at a little action from an event supposedly held to advance skateboarding toward it’s destiny: The biggest sport known to man.
Well me and my homey’s went down there to watch some ripping amateurs in a contest about busting out the hardest. Of course only a couple minutes clicked by and we were jonesing to hit the course and skate ourselves. We had all our gear and we were in the Combi Pool before the Street Finals even got started (But that’s another story). So just as the finals for street started, our session, which was just stoking up, has to come to an end so we can visualize the outcome. The most worthy mention was 1st place winner Austin Seaholm from Anaheim, CA. He had his own cheering section and he was strutting his stuff busting out a solid run with all kinds of moves. On Day two, the vert day, things we’re a lot less exciting.

Curt Baker: f.s. ollie to layback grind, photo by Jeff Greenwood
Curt Baker: f.s. ollie to layback grind, photo by Jeff Greenwood

About 1/3 as many people were in attendance, and many in the media, like myself, could barely muster the energy to show up. The competitors were good, but no one that’ll be taking over the pro ranks any time soon. The winner, Mizael Simao from Brazil, stood out with a phenomenal run, mostly switch, that closed out the event.The Warp Tour has now completed another year. For many competitors it’s a chance they may never have again. A chance to show their skills, travel, and skate a world class skatepark. We salute Vans for their effort to grow the sport (I think) and hope the Warp Tour can continue to live up to it’s expectations.

Austin Seaholm: Photo by Jeff Greenwood
Austin Seaholm: Photo by Jeff Greenwood