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Santa Cruz Salba Bevel Deck

Santa Cruz Salba Bevel reissue

Steve Alba - Santa Cruz Salba Bevel Deck
Steve Alba – Santa Cruz Salba Bevel Deck

The Salba Bevel reissue is another great board that has come out of the Santa Cruz Skateboards camp. I looked up on the meaning behind bevel, and one of the definitions say, “an adjustable instrument for drawing angles or adjusting the surface of work to a particular inclination.” Therefore if any of you are looking to draw angles on a particular incline, or adjusting the surface of work then you should check out the Salba Bevel Reissue. I guess you could also slap some Indy 215’s and cruiser wheels, go bomb a hill, or slash a ditch, but I think the angle thing sounds more fun.

This behemoth of a deck tips the scales at 10.85 by 30 inches, and boasts a unique “V” or ditch shaped concave that makes for an interesting ride. Overall, the concave seems to be on the mellow side with no concave on the nose to speak of, and minimal concave on the tail. Despite the original approach to the concave, and the large size this still is a very functional board. It does not feel too heavy, or have any major flaws to speak of.

In summary I think this is a fun board that works great for a cruise to the liquor store, skateshop, or whatever. I also tested it in a skatepark situation, and still held its own in the bowl. While for most I do not believe this would be a first choice as a main setup I do believe it is a great board, and an excellent choice for a cruiser, or transportation board, but unlike other boards in this category it can still serve its purpose in a heated session. While some are skeptical about the Discrepancies in the concave the bottom line is that Salba personally approved the board, and it is no secret that Salba has been around long enough to know what he is talking about.

Santa Cruz Salba Bevel Deck
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Photo: Eddie Hadvina