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Sacrifice Tour 2003

“Viva Las Vegas”

Kirks Pool in Las Vegas NV
Kirks Pool in Las Vegas NV

Here’s the highlights from my perspective:
Day 1 Arrive at HQ at 11:00. Load Van. Drink Pabst. Run out of Pabst at about 11:30. Buy Lots more Pabst at 11:45. Pee on side of road by 11:50. The truckers were honking as they sped past. Peeing in the wind aint easy. About 12:15 driver change and piss break in Baker. Bart and I run off and score a pool. We’re spotted grabbing our boards by the rest of the team and we invade an empty hotel pool. Raunch barefootin’, Butler can’t get his pads on. Times up before the cops can come. Load van and run out of town. Driving Sucks, thank god Cesar hooked up some great music. Las Vegas traffic at 4 p.m. on fri. is hurtin. The Lucky Lady checks us in and we stash our crap we don’t need to skate. We head over to Desert Breeze park. Skate in the wind, cold, crowded, semi-crappy semi-fun park. They’re setting up for an Extreme Contest the next day. Now that we’re warmed up we head to meet Manimal @ Kirks pool. How did our posse get up to 20 people? Bad News!!! Kirk Rules! He gives us the Golden Ticket any ways. We skate until after 10 p.m. in his custom backyard swimming pool built for skating. Major session and Major SLAMMING by Bart Saric. 4 roll-ins to flat bottom body slams in a row!!! Made us all hurt real good. Pack it up and get back to the booze and slots at the Lady Luck bar.

Day 2
Everybody’s got to wash up and blow the hangover out at the Breakfast Buffet. Rene is the Champion after about a dozen Piña Colada’s. After grubbin it’s time to load the van and we’re off spotting pools on the strip left and right. We get denied until we hit the Spitfire. Joe, Rene, and Bart are hurtin and not gonna jump the fence. We carry on anyway. Raunch got stairs, Billy hit a few grinds, Butler & Nick too. A good session goes down and we’re off to our Demo at Buffalo Park. This was a down home kinda demo. We showed up and the locals were killing it with Brant and Mark Partain showing us the lines. The park is huge! Redneck BBQing, beers, and shredding were all in order at this stop. Raunch, watch yer nuts on the caveman rail… OUCH! Again we partied and skated until dark. Rene or Joe drove us back to base where we regrouped and made out for another night of boozing and throwing our money away. Me, Rene, and Bart opted to go see some titties, but we got robbed. Flabby thighs and saggy boobs made us run as fast as we could outta there. At least we got to laugh a lot about it.

Little Joe, Joe, Bart, and trouble!
Little Joe, Joe, Bart, and trouble!

Day 3
By now I’m hurting and it looks like the rest of the crew isn’t in any better shape. Breakfast Buffet can only do so much. Pack our Van and head for the exits. First we gotta stop off at the Worlds Biggest Souvenir store. Beer and I Love Beer Hats all the way around. 2 cold brews pouring into your mouth continually doesn’t feel good after a while. We’re on the highway home by noonthirtyish I think. The beer is killin me. We gotta take a few piss stops, and then…. traffic! After about 20 minutes my cookies wanted out. I requested a pull over to feed some ground hogs my lunch, but about 5 minutes later I felt alright. (I knew the video cams were rollin and I didn’t want to be the guy!) Back to HQ and time to drive home. I thought it was all over. ~RING~ “Hey Jeff there going to bulldoze the Mickey Mouse bowl tomorrow, meet me there on your way home.” Checked out the Mickey. Went home and crashed. Another road trip completed!

The Props:

Obviously Rene at Sacrifice Skateboards

Manimal from Las Vegas Skating

and Kirk for the pool.