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Lester Kasai - Hawaii
Lester Kasai – Hawaii

Lester Kasai

Well, the one year anniversary of the North Shore Bowl Jam went down under the radar this December 8th, in the Banzai Bowl, located on the North Shore of Oahu. It was called the “Hurley Demo”, (thanks to Hurley for throwing something). As the park is not officially opened yet, the event was not officially happening. But, if you were wise enough to look through the bushes, and followed the flow of people with skateboards, coolers and tents, then you found it.

Duane Peters, Omar Hassan, Aaron Astorga, Pat Ngoho, Christian Hosoi, Lester Kasai, David Loy, Curren Caples, Andre Genovesi, Peter King, Nick Yamisato, Mark Partain, Kale Sandridge, Tyler Mumma, Jimmy The Greek, Steve Alba, Kalani David, Bruno, Stein just to name a few. A gathering, if you will, to inspire future interests on this day that marked the one year anniversary to the NSBJ. Who knows, maybe next year they’ll hold the event in the new park? The North Shore “Banzai Bowl” Jam?