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Bennett CO Skatepark Vandalized…

Vandalised Construction:

Before the vandalism:

I have sad news. The construction of the bowl at the Bennett site has been completely destroyed by a person or persons who have not been identified yet. The incident took place this week. All of the forms were methodically destroyed: every single one was pulled from the ground, snapped, and littered around the site. The dig was obviously disrupted by this and now is rendered useless, because we have lost all frame of reference. The only way we can rectify the situation is to fill the hole, compact the dirt, and start all over again.

Additionally this has really screwed up our schedule, because, as many of you know, some of Team Pain’s concrete crew are donating their time and labor to the project. They have been utilizing their time prior to their work on Colorado Springs’ new park to create the pool in Bennett. Colorado Springs is expected to last over 6 months, so this is a big setback.

We are still 100% dedicated to making this project happen. We are committed to the skaters in Bennett and are determined to build even more stuff now (kind of like a concrete middle finger to whomever destroyed our work).

At this point, we do not know who did such a lame thing, and we are not willing to speculate. Bennett is a small town (pop. 2,500), so I suspect that someone will spill the beans eventually. The social studies teacher at Bennett High School (very dedicated to this project), Paul Miller, has put up a small reward of $200 for the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s). This crime is a felony. You can contact Paul at: if you have any information.

Right now, everyone that has been heavily involved in the project is trying to collect themselves and move forward with the project. I will make an update as soon as we all get together and decide on our next move.

But, now, more than ever, we really need your help.

Please donate what you can by either going to the CCPS site (click donate button):
Or you can go directly to: and send money to:

Ashley Mott