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Geoff Rowley will lead the course design for the 2011 Maloof Money Cup

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(Irvine, Calif. — January 24, 2011) – Today Joe Maloof announces that legendary pro skater Geoff Rowley will lead the course design for the 2011 Maloof Money Cup, the world’s greatest skateboarding event, which will expand to Kimberley, South Africa this year as well as at least one new U.S. city to be announced soon. Rowley will lead the design team of pro skateboarders and experts alongside Joe Ciaglia from California Skateparks, whose company has built all four Maloof Money Cup courses since its beginning in 2008.

“I really respect the Maloofs and what they’ve accomplished with this contest,” said Rowley. “Out of all the contests out there, the Maloof Money Cup is the only one that really delivers on giving the skaters and fans what they are looking for,” said Rowley.

Geoff Rowley, who has made an impact on the skate scene since 1989, is part owner of Flip Skateboards and a sponsored rider for Vans. He was named “Skater of the Year” in 2000 by Thrasher magazine and was recently named to the magazine’s “15 Most Loved Skaters of All Time.” He was featured in the Flip videos “Sorry, Really Sorry” and the latest “Extremely Sorry,” both of which won best video of the year upon their release. “Extremely Sorry” won best video, best team and soundtrack of the year at the 2010 Transworld Skateboarding Awards, plus best video and best soundtrack at the first ever L.A. Skate Film Festival.

“Building professional skate parks and leaving them to the communities is something that is so needed right now and the Maloofs are the only ones doing this, starting with the course we did in Queens, New York for one of the stops of the 2010 Maloof Money Cup,” said Rowley. “To be a part of something that gives back to kids, invigorates communities and spreads a positive word for skateboarding made this an easy decision for me to make, plus it is pretty damn fun designing your dream skate spot and watching it come to life.”

Past MMC street courses designed by Geoff Rowley included replicas of iconic U.S. and international skate spots past and present, from Hollywood High and the Brooklyn Banks to the Santa Monica Pier and Barcelona ledges.

“From the day we decided to create a new type of skateboarding contest, we knew we had to have the pro skaters input on everything we did, especially the design of our courses, which we wanted to be as authentic to street skating as possible,” said Maloof Money Cup Founder Joe Maloof whose family owns the NBA’s Sacramento Kings and the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. “It’s incredible to see Geoff and the guys create these amazing designs on paper and then see them brought to life by Joe Ciaglia and his team. It’s really extraordinary. Geoff is such an amazing skater, he is so respected in the industry, and he’s just a great guy. We’re thrilled to have him as part of the Maloof Money Cup family. “

About The Maloof Money Cup The Maloof Money Cup, the world’s greatest skateboarding event, is the premiere showcase for amateur and professional skateboarding. In 2010, the Maloof Money Cup presented by Vans hosted two events, one in Orange County, Calif. and expanded to Queens, New York, building a world-class skatepark that was donated to the community after the contest. In 2011, the Maloof Money Cup goes global with the first ever World Skateboarding Championships in Kimberley, South Africa September 28 – Oct 2. Join our network to share the competition experience with a global audience and be the first to know about exciting upcoming MMC announcements and exclusive contests.