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Bacon Skateboards DVD

So I’m setting in my office on a Friday afternoon and low and behold I get a package (not to uncommon these days). It’s from my homeboy Rob over at LowCard. As I rummage through the kick ass T’s and goodies I notice a DVD. The Bacon Skateboards DVD in all its glory. With- out hesitation I popped that sucker in my new Inspiron 531 and grab my brown bag for lunch. Bacon has been around for awhile and has added more and more hesh rippers to their team. I truly believe they could create two kick ass companies with all the talent they have. Maybe call one Egg Skates, so you could get both Bacon and Eggs. Anyway, this video is fucking killer from the get go. Pools, parks (Oregon Parks no less), weird back yard DIY shit, even some vert thrown in for good measure. As I said before there is no lack of talent in this video. Bart Steed, Lincoln Nass, Tim Johnson (fucking dude kills it!!!), Frank Faria, Ryan Spaulding and the man himself, Benji Galloway. Benji’s part will blow your mind. How in the fuck does that guy do what he does? The editing is very well done and the sound track fits in perfect with the flow of the film. No bullshit in this DVD, just kick ass skating. Oh yeah, Johnny Turgensen kills everything he skates, hands down my favorite Bacon dude. Big props to Colin Sharp and Daniel Evans on a job well done. Hurry up and make another one. I smell Bacon big time in 2008.

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