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Strawberry Bowl Bash 2003

Strawberry Bowl Bash 2003
Kyburz, CA

Alcohol destroys your better judgement and skating while your drunk can at times lead to some gnarly shit. This being said, let’s start from the begging…

Strawberry Bowl 2003 -
Strawberry Bowl 2003 –

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Steve Bailey – 2.7 MB Chris Senn – 1.4 MB
Dave Ruel – 2 MB Mark Partain – 1.8 MB
Sean O’Laughlin – 941k Toad – 640k

The Strawberry Bowl Bash went down this past Saturday in Kyburz, Ca. I would have had some killer pictures to go with this article. However thanks to the kook (and there was a whole lot of them) who stole my camera there is no photos. There will be some video however, so not all is lost. Let me start off by saying two things: Alcohol destroys your better judgement and skating while your drunk can at times lead to some gnarly shit. This being said, let’s start from the begging.

I woke up Thursday morning, went to work for a few hours and headed home to wait for the crew. Around 1:30pm all the heads were in line and ready to go. Myself, Nick Gates, Kyle Mitchell, and Punker John. Papa Smurf got put on lock down by the old lady and had to bail last minute. So off we head to Fresno to meet up with Josh Peacock and Nate Malo. Around 5:30 pm we end up in Fresno and get lost trying to find the park. Thanks to some locals we find it and prepare ourselves to get some action. The Fresno park is not as good as i thought it would be. The concrete is some what “broom” finish and there is a lot of kinks in the tranny. However that doesn’t stop the locals from killing it!

Steven Bailey and Dave Ruel ripping the lip.
Steven Bailey and Dave Ruel ripping the lip.

After a short conversation with Valerie and Josh, we head out to this permission pool called “Mario’s”. Lots of Cancer, with killer tranny and very little vert. Shaped like a cereal bowl. Kyle threw down back side lip slides and disasters. Nick got some killer side wall grinds (the shallow is almost unskateable) and Malo pulled of a sick frontside air. I was able to get a couple runs in and we skated it with lights till about 8:00pm. Once again our Fresno homies came through. The next morning we hit the new Placerville Park. What a contrast from Fresno. Smooth, perfect tranny. Sick bowl about 7ft, with all kinds of lines and hips. One of the best parks I’ve ever skated. Nick and Kyle killed that park. We also met Toad. This guy rides for Adrenielen and kills it! Nice guy too.

We finally get up to the Strawberry Bowl, check in to our tiny room and hit the bowl. Our luck these guys are painting the deep end, so a shallow end session begins. Nick gets a sick 50/50 over the stairs and box, Punker John throws up a salad to fakie and Remy Stratton does a blunt to fakie. This went on for a few hours until the deep end opened up. Then Choppy Omega in drunken madness lands a hurricane to fakie over the light. That guy just kills it! He was Pumping everyone up and just shredding that bowl.

Saturday rolls around, and in my hung over state I manage to pull my self together for another day of skate madness. All the crazies were in attendance: Darren Navarette, Peter Hewitt, Chris Cook, Chris Senn, Wade Speyer, Duane Peters, Sam Cunningham, Sean O’Laughlin and the list goes on. All the Sacrifice Team was in attendance, including the ever illusive Tony Loco. Every one skated hard and good times were had. The results are a blur (i was 12 beers down by then). I know Senn won the Pro division. Nicole Zuck took third in the womens, and i’m pretty sure Chris Cook took second (he was killing it!) and Duane got first in the masters. (don’t quote me on it). After the contest the bar was out of control. People screaming at the bar tender, he was screaming back. Tony Loco got a free beer out of it. I’ve never seen so much drunken mayhem. Chicks flashing, dudes puking, and people just getting out of control. After doing a few shots with Loco and Naverette, I tried to call it a night. However the mob had other plans. Too much drama for this old man. All in all it was a great time. I survived and was able to write this story. i know i missed a lot of stuff (like Hewitt trying to drop in the bowl on a lounge chair) but this is the most i can recall. 2004 is going to be even crazier. Hopefully I will survive that one to.