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Sound and Fury 1997

We found a lot of skater kids milling around outside a very large airplane hanger where there was plenty of activity and also a killer street course complete with a Honda Jump/obstacle.

Mike Crespino
Mike Crespino

Sound and Fury 1997 - Scottie Moeller
Sound and Fury 1997 – Scottie Moeller
Mike Crespino
Mike Crespino

Mike C. gets caught busting a ultra high alley-oop frontside on the hip and bringing home to Portland 3rd place..

Dan Warter
Dan Warter

Josh Mann
Josh Mann

This was just a guy in the crowd who was helping to obliterate everything that wasn’t nailed down. File cabinet nose blunt slide at maximum speed!!!!!

A couple of days before the contest a few questions were drifting through my head. Where the hell is Sand Point Naval Station? Was it going to be a street contest or a ramp contest? Was there going to be anybody there? And my biggest question, was whether or not there was going to be a car obstacle or not?

Well somehow I worked out where the Naval Station was and after a couple of victoriuos U-Turns we found our way in past the guard shack on the semi-deserted Naval Base. We found a lot of skater kids milling around outside a very large airplane hanger where there was planty of activity and also a killer street course complete with a Honda Jump/obstacle. Things were looking up as many of the Northwests best were already flying high above the heads of the spectators as we cleared the front gate.

The in between contest jams (Melee’s) were absolutely nuts. Boards and Bodies flying inches from contact with each other. Some huge slams were in effect! I witnessed many a bloody, swollen, bruised warrior crawl off to the sidelines to lick there wounds. You have to give them credit though most everyone would end up back out on the course after a couple of minutes.

Joe Moorman – proving once again that he is a dominant maniac
Joe McLellan – going off but slamming too hard too much
Rob Dickenson – Premature swollen leg kept him down.
Ben Butler – Pulling all his nuts out of the sack and connecting in a big way.
Little Jaime Bernard – keeping the tightest line of the day without a fall, earning a well deserved 2nd place in shop.
Scottie Moeller – Big ollies, connecting with smooth lines,
Dave Cawdry – going for broke with an ollie from the platform across an 8′ gap to slanted plywood. Meeting up with Mr. Concrete repeatedly.
Eric Green – Fluid, difficult, bigness.
Sabin O – Tearing it up!

Big thanx have to go out to all the people who were a part of putting this show on. Tasty Productions, Marley’s, Crescent Downworks, Puma, Snowboard Connection, All the Eastside skaters for construction of the obstacles, Dave the wrecker Vlasidy for towing the car in, Sand point Naval Station for hosting and all the rippers who entered or just came to watch. It definitely looks promising for a repeat next year.



Placings are from 1st place down.

15 and under:
Matt Moyo
Silus Shaw
John D’Amore

16 & over:
Brandon Silve
Cody Weaver
Nick Drave
Jeremy Uttek
Josh Mallory
Joseph Wartes
Aaron Hurdy
Nathan Fairbanks
Jeremy Brown
Brian Hauser
Ryan Parrot
Jeff Montido

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Tim Larson ( Cresent Downworks )
Jaime Bernard ( Extremely Board )
Ben Butler ( Cresent Downworks )
Sabin Olson ( for self )
Rob Collins ( Zumiez )
Nate Sherwood ( Zumiez )
Sorin Ear ( Zumiez )
Dan Wartner ( Marley’s )
Ryan Kentfield ( Snowboard Connection )
Adrien Wilhite ( UDS / Hellbent )
Mike Childress

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Scottie Moeller ( NSS, Crescent Downworks, Mafia )
Joe Moorman ( TSA, Nice Shoes, United Skates )
Mike Crespino ( Graffix )
Danny Minnick (?)
Scotty Yamamura ( Manna, Tooth & Nail Records, UDS )
Eric Green ( Blackeye, Area 39 )
Jaime Diaz ( Colonial )
Chris Adams ( Boarderline )
Ryan Aningalan ( Krux Trucks, Crescent Downworks, Prodigy Wheels )
Matt Hoffard ( Colonial )
Joe McLellan ( NBN, Airwalk, 151 wheels )

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