Sea Sk8 Jam Summer 1997


Sea Skate Ghetto Jam


I was talking to my friend Davey (Rogers, from Blackeye Skateboards & Records, pictured left) one day and he tells me there’s going to be a contest coming up at the Seattle Skatepark. I said ” A CONTEST?”. He replied ” Well sorta.” So he dropped some flyers at my house with all the info and I was like wow this might be pretty dope.
The time comes and I went down there to find a bunch of kids trying to figure out why there ain’t no contest. I called up Davey to find out it was cancelled. WEEK after next he says . So I come back the week after next to see the same thing. AAHHHWWW shit I’m thinking when up pulls Davey with all kinds of product in his back seat.
I ask ” Is it on ?” He say’s Yep! So he called Kevin (Cortez of Snowboard Connection) to get him out of bed. He brings more product and music. Now all they have to do is get the skaters hyped to ride the rusty trannies. So Davey yells ” Best trick gets this board!”. AND OFF THEY WENT! I don’t remember who won that board but I think the best trick goes to Scott Etons’ late grab indy nose nosepick on the big quarterpipe. ( Photo above).
It was a ghetto contest at a ghetto skatepark and it was fun.