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Slam City Jam 1999 – Vancouver BC

The Finals. Only the Strong survived to ride again until today.

Slam City Jam 1999 – Diary of a Drunk Man

    Target : Slam City Jam, April 30, May 1 &
2, 1999. Vancouver B.C. Canada
Preparation…Wed. April 28. Make a checklist of stuff so you know
you’ll forget everything on it. Purchase film, gas car up and drink a couple
beers. Confirm plans with the whole posse spread throughout Seattle to
Vancouver B.C. Get some sleep.

Photo by Jeff Greenwood Photo by Jeff Greenwood
Ben Butler – Slayer Pool Grind Slayer Pool – Overview

Day 1… Thursday April 29. Sleep in. Wake up and pack clothes
bag.  Go to the bank and exchange some US currency to Canadian funny
money.  Need batteries for flash. Go to grocery store. Stoke out wife
since I’m leaving her for a day with some treats.  Pet the dog goodbye.
Try to leave. Come back after one block since I remembered I needed to bring
Bobcat a deck to ride. ( personal reminder : Bobcat you still owe me some
$).  Try to leave again, get back out of car to grab CD’s for the
trip. Try to leave again. 1 mile down the road memory comes to me that
I’ll be needing a sleeping bag. Duh! Back home. Leave for real this time.
11:00. Pick up Todd and his case of beer. 11:30 pick up Bobcat. (and out
of nowhere Butler is waiting as well) OK, I didn’t plan on the x-tra body,
but cool. SLAYER drops into the player and we’re good to go! On to the
beer store for 3 more cases of Lucky’s.  Next stop Slayer Bowl in
Bellingham. Hoping to meet Evil Dave and crew there. Butler throws down
some gnarly grinds, we toss a few back, throw a couple carves in the bowl,
meet some locals who had been skating the bowl for a while. Check out the
completely destroyed house. Enjoy the sunshine because it’s likely to disappear
forever. More traveling ahead.

Photo by Jeff Greenwood Photo by Jeff Greenwood
Frank Hirata – Flip grab Tony Hawk – Indy Air

Day 2… Top of the gas tank at the border. Meet border crossing
lady. Get interrogated while in car. ” Can you please pull your car over
to the right” We pull over and proceed to get interrogated and searched
even better. We see lots of our other skater comrades getting the same
treatment. After a long while they let us through with lots of illegal
imports. But they couldn’t find any illegal drugs. They reluctantly let
us go. OK, it’s another country and we’re immune to any laws so let’s get
cracking. Brew’s open and we’re headed to Whiterock for the 2nd annual
Board Bash. Many, many, many people. More than last year. This is a fun
place to be. You get all the rubberneckers, hot amateurs, and pro’s all
ripping apart one of the best ever skateparks. It’s not so fun for me since
I can’t skate with a broken back. So I toss a few back with Todd and we
enjoy some sweet skate action. We also hook up with Kraunbauer. He’s key
since our heads will be resting on his floor tonight. Getting a nice buzz
at this point. More travel.

Matt Beach – Noseblunt Slide off a ledge Brian Anderson – Hurricane on the rail

Day 3… It was time to check Butler in to the arena so we made
our way up to the PNE. We figured the only way to make space in the car
was to drink the beer we dragged over the border so we kept pulling them
from the trunk through the secret fold down console. By the time we got
to the arena to check things out we were pretty lit. So~ what else should
we do except skate! Even my back wasn’t feeling any pain so I took a few
death defying runs out on the course. It was huge! Nothing I can remember
resembled anything you could find on the street. After the adrenaline poured
through my veins for a while I felt the need to get my buzz back on because
my back was coming back to life. Out to the car, let Bobcat & Butler
go there own way after a few power slides in the parking lot. On to Kraunbauers…

Photo by Jeff Greenwood
Neil Hendrix – Frontside Tailgrabber

Day 4The Transworld Skater of the Year Awards were tonight,
so we headed on over to Mr. K’s to freshen up and drop off our sleeping
gear. Pick up the girl detour, and we were back in action in no time.

Todd could only giggle, Kraunbauer was baffled, and I was lost. ‘No Fear’
though because our USA immunity force field was protecting us even as we
approached another parking garage. A little vandalism right in front of
the ticket booth was sure to get us in some trouble. But again, nothing
seems to make these Canadians irate. Here’s where the alcohol finally played
a role in everything. I was hazy. I forgot peoples names and was just a
general nuisance. At least my friends were too! Reality notched a mark
in our belt as we had to pay for any alcoholic beverages. I thought Transworld
was big time. ( They were probably just smart!)
TWS  Awards…
TWS…(best in…)
1. Eric Koston
2. Guy Mariano
3. Rick McCrank

1. Bob Burnquist
2. Tony Hawk
3. Colin McKay
1. Bob Burnquist
2. Chany Jeanguenin
3. Danny Way

1. Mark Gonzales
2. Erik Koston
3. Rick Howard
1. Birdhouse – The End
2. Shortys – Fulfill The Dream
3. Transworld – Transmission 7
1. Andrew Reynolds – The End

2. Steve Berra – The End
3. Peter Smolik – Fulfill The Dream
1. Girl
2. Birdhouse
3. Element
Best Street Girl
1. Elissa Steamer
Best Vert Girl

1.  Cara-Beth Burnside
Readers Choice…
1. Chad Muska
2. Jamie Thomas
3. Andrew Reynolds
1. Tony Hawk

2. Bob Burnquist
3. Andy Macdonald
1. Andy Macdonald
2. Chad Muska
3. Tony Hawk
1. Peter Smolik
2. Chad Muska

3. Erik Koston
1. Shortys – Fulfill The Dream
2. Birdhouse – The End
3. Toy Machine – Jump Off The Building
1. Peter Smolik – Fulfill The Dream
2. Chad Muska – Fulfill The Dream
3. Andrew Reynolds – The End

1. Shortys
2. A-Team
3. Birdhouse
Muska was the highlight as usual.
Then the crew was assembling over at the Ivanhoe. Canada’s finest
establishment! A round of beer was demanded. Received, drank. Complete
inebriation  was in effect. The fireworks went off and we were out
the door! Booted! Mission accomplished!

Kristian Svitak – Huge Gap backside kickflip 180

Get to Kraunbauers  floor and Crash!
Day 2… Wake up! OOOOOHHHHH! Ouch! OW OW OW! My fucking head feels
3 feet thick! Aspirins! OW! Lets eat and get some beer to wash away this
insane hangover. The food is good and the beer is better. It helps the
hangover but definitely not completely.  Oops, wrong hotel. We meet
up  anyway with my girl, Shannon, and Mike then head over to the Granville
to check in to our room. Rest feels mighty good! More food, back to the
arena, and back for more food then back to the arena to catch the Vandals.
They Rocked of course! Then back to the Ivanhoe. I get thrown in the doghouse
by my wife for my stupid actions the previous day. Finally go back and
get some sleep.

Day3… Still shitty feeling. Mike and Todd plow into some breakfast
brews. We cut away from the scene for a while to skate the New Richmond
B.C. park. It’s a great park, but you get tired fast from pushing around.
We session for several hours and have a blast.  The Elimination’s,
meantime, are going on full steam. It was complete chaos when we got back
to the arena later that day. Trick after trick after trick were blazing
on every square inch of the street course. Ryan Johnson impressed
me with a huge backside 180 transfer over the 10 foot gap to fakie, through
traffic. He was smooth as butter through all the chaos. Muska took
a huge crapper from the nasty rail. He was out of the running. We decided
to split hastily as we’d had our brains bent hard from watching a constant
insane barrage of skating for the last 3 days. We wanted to save a little
for the finals.

Photo by Jeff Greenwood Photo by Jeff Greenwood
Mattias Ringstrom – Flip rab to 1st place Someone pulling and Indy Kickflip

Day4…  The Finals. Only the Strong survived to ride
again until today. We walked in on the Girls Jam Elimination. Ellissa
Streamer and Jessie Van Rochoudt were way up to the task in
the womens division. It was a beautiful nightmare altogether. There were
so many photographers and camera men the skaters hardly had room to ride.
the vert finals were tore up by Mathias Ringstrom. Beating out all
viable competition. Street was mastered by the local favorite Rick McCrank.
We were out of there by now and missed out on the best trick contest.

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