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Revolution Street 1999

Revolution Street Contest Video

Revolution Street - Seattle WA 1999
Revolution Street – Seattle WA 1999

Unsponsored – 56k , 100k, 300k

Sponsored – 56k , 100k, 300k
Viewers Choice and Outakes – 56k , 100k, 300k


Sponsored Division
Skaters Name Videographer Sponsors Placing Avg. Score
Dave Cawdry Pedro Pineda Faction 1 106
Ted Degros Ben Chibber Monke Skateboards, Coastline 2 104
Geoff Derwer Ian Wish Diabolical skateboards 3 99.2
Nicholas Larson A. J. Rickard Nollies 4 97.8
Russel Milligan Jeremy Pettit Monke Skateboards, United, CMS 5 97
Dan Warter Scott Zorn Marley’s 6 95.2
Clayton Kilkenny Sky Sturek 35th Ave. Skateshop 7 93.8
Ben Butler Clay Layton Vision,  Crescent Downworks 8 91.6
Brian Sanchez Justin Phillips The Slant Boardshop 9 91.2
Kyle Kegley Dan Carrasco The Slant Boardshop 10 88.6
Brian Hutcherson Jud Heald Manna Skateboards 11 84.6
Jason Bailey Matt Goodwin Monke Skateboards withdrew

Unsponsored Division
Keoni Keopuhiwa Scott Yamamura 1 92.2
Gerry Loughran Ryan Dolejsi 2 90.6
Sean Kelly Matt Kelly 3 88.4
Quin Morrow Noodles Deroy 4 88
Owen Rudge Shawn King 5 87
Scott Johnson Jordan Zebor 6 85.6
Roderick Chappel Joe Mandl 7 81.4
Christopher Gorney Luke Ramsey 8 81
T.J. Martin Thomas Dutton 9 75.2
Andrea Clinton Shawn King 10 74.8

Viewers Choice Awards
Best Video Part tie- Scott Johnson & Gerry Loughran
Best Trick Dave Cawdry
Best Slam Ben Butler

Many many many thanks to everyone who participated in this event. It is a completely new concept for skateboarding and I think it went quite well. We had 22 teams (44 people) competing in 2 divisions, sponsored and unsponsored. Not too bad for so many requirements to get into this contest.

The reason for this contest was quite simple. It’s anti-extreme! No spectators, no simulated bull crap street course, no boundaries! After getting back from Slam City Jam I started working on the concept Arris had thought of last year. Using the real streets for the environment allowed everyone to try exactly what they wanted. It would also lend itself to the realities of skating downtown. Cops, pedestrians,
freaks, Rent-a-cops, cars, trains, horses, etc. were all in attendance.

Most didn’t even know what was taking place around them. It wasn’t like any of the contests of the past. Skaters were taking over popular spots with videoers running screens and filming everything. No one who competed could even grasp what other competitors were up to since they had to get there own footage together.

An hour and ten minutes after the teams were released with their video markers they were back. Sweaty, smiling, hurtin’, and just plain curios about what went on wherever they weren’t. We collected all the tapes from everyone and excused everyone with promises about the video premiere A.S.A.P. As soon as Scott cut them down to size by editing out the bails and useless film. Yes, the results weren’t immediate. It was quite weird throwing a skate contest you didn’t get to see. ( I didn’t even get to see it until just before the premiere when we got it all judged)

Oh Well, the resulting footage was pretty much making everyone drool with anticipation.

Revolution Street compilation pics
Revolution Street compilation pics

The following Saturday we showed the video, ghetto
style of course. There was no money budgeted to rent out a club for the
festivities, so Snowboard Connection
said, “Hey, let’s just do it here!”.
So we did. Along came Chris from the Dusty’s /
Maland Communications
outfit with the projection device at just
the last minute. We then scrambled for sound, and got the show underway
only 15-20 minutes late. Scott Yamamura
had done a great job getting all those video’s cut down to size and sorted
out. Props go out to him BIGTIME!! Prizes were awarded by the pile. All
our sponsors kicked down some major prizes for this event so I want to
them here and have you remember which companies give back to skateboarders…
them when you buy that next board or set of wheels!)

Axion – Powell  – World Industries – Kastel
&  Ezkiel – Blade Killer – Skateboard Hanger – NC Clothing –
Manna Skateboards – Lib Tech – Santa Cruz – Illenium Skateboards – Bullet
Wheels – A-Team – Es Footwear

So any ways the final video came out sick! Lots of great footage was supplied by the skaters. It was so fun and everyone was so stoked on it that  I’m planning on doing 3 more starting next spring. Vancouver B.C., Seattle WA., and Portland OR. You should check it out if you can and try it out or get a hold of the video to see what to expect. These can be done in almost any big town anywhere. Feel free to give it a try and let us know if you get one going. Hopefully it’ll wake up the establishment cuz SHIT AIN’T RIGHT!