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Concrete Disciples DVD Release Party

Photos: Bam Bam & J. Greenwood

The Thunderbird Saloon in North Hollywood played host to our DVD release party. The bad Kharma finally ended. This party just didn’t want to happen. Due to persistence by Jerome Bruner from Burning Tree Records it all fell together at the last minute and the end result was a hangover to remember for many in attendance. I’ll spare you all the details but just know it aint easy planning a party like this!

DJ Aztec Vampyre jumped on the tunes around 9 and was soon spinning some great rare punk rock for us all while we put away some joy juice. The Walrus opened up his mouth and tab and got the party started. A little there after I had a chat with DPI and I mentioned they didn’t look Drunkin yet. “We got to go to the car”! 20 minutes later they were back and buzzed and took the stage. These guys are a classic punk rock, play hard, drink hard, and have fun. In the meantime more heads rolled in and it was definitely on.

Once DPI finished their set Cesar the video man jumped on the screen set up and I lended a hand. He hooked us up with a really nice rear projection big screen for the Movie! We got started with the trailer for Socal Skateparks movie and then the Sacrifice Skateboards video trailer. Both are due out later this summer and should be really good. We played the CD DVD and it really fired up the crowd to want to go hit the nearest Pool (being the Pink Motel), but it was already close to 11 pm. That’s what the video is supposed to do! Make you wanna skate!


Top - Greg, Bozie, SumDum, J.ed, Team Goon, and D.H.
Bottom - Sum & Les, Team Goon & LAskaterdad, Cowboypunk & J.ed


Drunkin Punkin Idiots
Drunkin Punkin Idiots

Once the DVD ended we tore into taking down the screen. Cesar was falling over taking it down. Oh yea! Somehow between the two or three of us we folded it all up and cleared the way for the Dimwits who were busy drinkin in preparation. It was on! They were drunk, we were drunk they played their set which included a couple songs from the CD DVD. Porn was playing on the tv screen behind the bar with closed captioning [entended groan] It was sick! Thanks to everyone for coming out on a school night!!!! YOU RULE! ~ Good times ~


The Dimwits
The Dimwits

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