Shota and Friends Skatejam at ‘A’ala Skatepark Honolulu

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Jay Adams – RIP

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Dogtown Skateboards visit Woodward

The Dogtown Skateboard team and Jim Muir visited Woodward West Skate Camp (thank you Neal Hendrix!). For the entire week we skated, filmed and interacted with the kids at skate camp with handing out free decks and contests.

Dogtown put together an edit for the Woodward West Shootout, 

Woodward West – Dogtown Skateboards from JOSH MARTINEZ on Vimeo.

Each team that attended Woodward West gets to film a web edit of their camp visit and at the end of the summer Woodward West will post all of the visiting team videos. The judging will be 50% fan vote, 50% our expert panel.  The deadline to get the videos is going to be September 1st and the contest will go live on September 3 on the Woodward West website.

This year the prize purse for the Shootout contest is $15,000 with the following breakdown:

1st $5,000
2nd $4,000
3rd $3,000
4th $2,000
5th  $1,000


More details will follow!

Tosh Townend on Dogtown

Press Release:

 July 7, 2011 – Venice Beach, CA – Dogtown Skateboards is proud to announce the signing of Tosh Townend to its legendary team.  

Tosh was recognized at a young age for possessing a grown up style of skateboarding. He grabbed the attention of the skateboard world when he feeble grinded El Toro at the age fifteen.  

“Dogtown is a perfect fit for me, it has deep heritage within skateboarding and surfing,” said Tosh. “I have always been stoked on what Jim has done with the company, when I had the opportunity to join the family; there was no decision to be made, but to ride for Dogtown.” 

“We look forward to the contributions that Tosh Townend will bring to the table. Tosh brings a veteran knowledge and experience of what needs to be done as a pro. He understands the history and tradition of Dogtown and promises to bring the same ‘Skate for Life’ commitment”, says Jim “Red Dog” Muir, (Dogtown Founder/Owner). 

Dogtown will be launching Tosh Townend pro model decks, t-shirts and  including a cruiser skateboard. Check the release dates of all of his products on the Dogtown website,

Tosh will be skating at the Dew Tour and Maloof  Money Cup, along with other events this summer.
About Dogtown Skateboards: 

Since 1976 Dogtown Skateboards has been at the forefront of skateboard design and progression and is one of the longest running skate companies to date. Dogtown Skateboards continues to produce high quality decks and designs for all types of skateboarding and terrain. With a history of working with top artists, team riders and a reputation for high quality designs the Dogtown tradition continues to grow.  Skate to Live – Dogtown for life. 

For more information on Dogtown Skateboards and Tosh Townend, please visit –!/DogtownSkate

1978 – Crashed Memories of an LA Punk Rocker – By Ger-I Lewis

I’ve read a few biographies of rock stars and punkers that have come through book publishers. This one is self published. There is a big difference! What most people might say is this book falls short of value because it is not ‘well written’. However, for me this book is written the way I think so I could follow along quite nicely in my ADD sort of way. What I am trying to say is it is not a softened polished piece of crap on the end cap display rack at Barnes and Noble.

It’s a tale of life and the turn of an adolescent surfer/skater, growing up in the tough community of Venice, who turns to the blowing up punk scene in Los Angeles for love, affection, and camaraderie that was not available at home. The story many punkers can attest to. This book is raw. Punk used to be raw too. The tales between the cover will make you cringe and laugh. Best of all it made me wish to keep on reading it to find out what would happen next.

Great work Ger-I, I hope you’ll put together another volume some day.

Dogtown & Z-boys Movie Premiere Party

Dogtown Premiere Party

This was our second radical skateboard event in a week that we were lucky enough to get an invite to. These non XTREME events and parties are really what skateboarding is all about.

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