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Dogtown Skateboards visit Woodward

The Dogtown Skateboard team and Jim Muir visited Woodward West Skate Camp (thank you Neal Hendrix!). For the entire week we skated, filmed and interacted with the kids at skate camp with handing out free decks and contests.

Dogtown put together an edit for the Woodward West Shootout, 

Each team that attended Woodward West gets to film a web edit of their camp visit and at the end of the summer Woodward West will post all of the visiting team videos. The judging will be 50% fan vote, 50% our expert panel.  The deadline to get the videos is going to be September 1st and the contest will go live on September 3 on the Woodward West website.

This year the prize purse for the Shootout contest is $15,000 with the following breakdown:

1st $5,000
2nd $4,000
3rd $3,000
4th $2,000
5th  $1,000


More details will follow!