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The reviews here are for the old skatepark, which left something to be desired. But in 2018 Grindine added on to this park. They made a [very] small out-and-back street section, but their work is really about the bowl. This thing is imposing and not for the faint of heart. You drop in the shallow end and immediate go down a steep 3 foot waterfall that rockets you into the 12 ft deep end. There's a loveseat in one of the corners of the shallow end that I'm sure is great for high-level skaters. But for an intermediate level old-man skater like myself it was just an impediment to the frontside carve I would normally do in that corner. If you're a bowl ripper, get your ass here for sure. When I visited there were locals both old and young shredding this thing. They were super cool and the vibe at the bowl was chill. Bathrooms on site. Video roll through of the park:
Chico CA Skatepark Addition (2018)
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