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Emporium Skate Park and Shop – Derry New Hampshire, USA

My name is George Steiner-Brady, one of the two owners/operators of Fractured Board Co/ Emporium Skate Park and Shop. The other owner is David Schultz. Just recently we started leasing a building in Derry NH where we were told that we are zoned to set up a shop and park. So we signed the lease and built a small indoor park, nothing too extreme. We also have a small area in the shop part where you can see us making skateboards. Now in the first week we have received complaints from the condo association saying they do not want the skate park in the complex. After two months of building, they never held a vote and now after the park and shop being fully built, they are going to the town. The town had denied a variance to have a club/membership, we tried to get a re-hearing but they denied our letter request to do so. We were told that “demoing” product is ok and in standards of our zoning (Retail, Commercial and Industrial). The town of Derry Is home to Pinkerton Academy; One of the largest high schools in the state, approximately 4000 students with a heavy population of skateboarders, rollerbladers and bikers. The town has a small rundown skate park that is in shambles. Eight years ago my friends little brother received a 9 inch splinter in his ass that was emergency room approved. The park has never been maintained. After one week of no marketing we have had a great turnout of 60+ people in the waiver book, and product is flowing of the shelves. Well the town came down on us and said that we can only “demo” ramps now and no more than 3-5 at a time and the parent needs to be there to verify they are interested in a ramp. We have no idea how to go about keeping the park open now. We were making riders purchase something for no less than $8 to ride the park, mostly stickers. They all loved the idea but we kept getting complaints from one neighbor in particular. His business was closed and it was at 8pm. They have no faith in the youth here and they do not want to help the cause. We have a canned food drive we want to do before the holidays where we wanted to have riders bring in two or more no perishable items and they ride for free. They can’t ride now! Please help in any way possible. There are a couple video’s posted bellow to get a picture of the park on opening night. Sincerely, George Steiner-Brady Emporium Skate Park, Fractured board co Trying to shredd our faces off but getting held up! wtf