Gullwing Super Pro III’s are back

Gullwing recently reissued their Pro 3 trucks with the groove in the hangar. Their website notes overwhelming demand for this reissue but I didn t really feel this crushing wave out here in Ohio.

I told people that I’d joined the Gullwing Army and I got replies like, “Oh GOD… Go AWOL NOW” and when I described the groove to a younger mini ramp / undervert specialist he replied simply, “sounds awful”. Still, for some unknown reason I was compelled to acquire a set even though I had no complaints about my regular trucks. The price is tad high due to U.S. manufacturing (though its a few bucks less for the raw finish). The baseplates have the 6 hole pattern and the hangar axles are listed as being 8.75 wide. Trucks are supposed to turn with consistency and they have to durable. These Pro III’s meet those standards to date. Anything else is personal preference and that is pointless to discuss.

I set them up, ugly pink ones, with the stock bushings and without any risers. They fit nicely on an 8.8 Creature and it looks like you could get away with up to 9.5 if you don t mind a magic carpet ride. They rode fine, they turn fast and recover fast and they aren t noticeably heavier than my regular trucks. I did a few slappies and rolled around the park without any issue other than wheelbite (due to intentional looseness). I did notice that the kingpin washers seem to hit against the hangar when the trucks are really loose. My washers actually bent after the first session. I replaced the top stock bushings / washers with some Bones meds. and added ¼ inch risers and I haven t had any problems since.

Skate technology has come a long way since my first pair of Gullwings and I don t know how much the new incarnation resembles the originals but it is refreshing to take something from the past and use it today in the way you d have liked to 20 years ago. Any modern board beats the shit out of a mini Alva Reategui from 1987. Like I said, I got these out of curiosity not necessity and the unexpected outcome is that the Groove provides a mental boost to one s internal stoke level which, as a known conflagrant, can spark otherwise dull and routine sessions into memorable assaults. Highly recommended (with bushing modification). Much gratitude to A. Mercado from Gullwing. See photos: