All Together Skatepark Celebrates 10 years in Seattle

I knew this contest would be good when Tom Peha showed up. People like Nels “Gnarls” Rosen and Michael Weir killed it . Everything from 360 flips to fs board to killer K grinds down the rail made this event a fun one to be a part of. Marshall Reid was the MC and for most kids participating, let’s call him Santa . He kept the products flowing and the stoke kept growing as events progressed. Some people killed themselves for the camera and my hat goes off to you. Liam Randolph is one of the people as he yard sailed over and over for his grind down the rail. This event marked the 10 year anniversary of ATS (All Together Skatepark). May they have another great decade of carnage.

2023 All Together Skatepark 10 year Anniv. - GurkZilla
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