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Broadcast Wheels, Coming in Loud and Clear

Broadcast Wheels, Coming in Loud and Clear

December 17, 2009

Broadcast Wheels is pleased to formally announce the launch of the Broadcast skateboarding brand and welcome our team of truly talented individuals. With the help of pro skateboarders Ethan Fowler, Paul Shier, Shiloh Greathouse, Gareth Stehr, Danny Falla, Aaron Harrison, Joel Meinholz, Eric Gilbert, Kevin Coakley, and Connor Getzlaff, Broadcast Wheel Company has developed a premium street and park urethane formula that is the direct result of feedback and testing from droves of skaters who were disappointed with the mediocre wheels that were currently available from other brands. Our small product line will always remain tight and top-quality while we continue to add new products and styles. Keep your eyes & ears open for further team additions and product announcements next month. For more information, please visit or follow BroadcastSkate on Twitter.

You can view the Broadcast Wheels PDF Catalog here:

What caliber of product is created by an independent company that relentlessly makes quality its unconditional priority? Broadcast makes durable apparel and premium skateboard wheels that are quickly becoming the number one wheel amongst dedicated skateboarders.

Many people argue that the Broadcast urethane formula and custom shapes result in the highest performance wheels they have ever skated. We agree, but you should try a set for yourself and see why Broadcast is frightening the competition. Skate fast. Skate Broadcast.