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BOWL-A-RAMA Wellington 2014 Recap

BOWL-A-RAMA™ Wellington2014 celebrated the seventh year of amazing bowl shredding.18-year-old Pedro Barros (BRAZIL) blew the crowd and judges away, winning the BOWL-A-RAMA™ Wellington PRO Title to kick off the series, whilst first BOWL-A-RAMA™ goer Brian Patch (USA) walked away with the revered MASTERs Title and Sky Silijeg took out the Red Bull best trick.

The hugely popular week of skateboarding infused culture known as ‘Festival of the Skateboard’, was jammed packed of events including art exhibitions, music show. These included the Manual Magazine Presents: 2013 New Zealand Skater of the Year Awards Party, the LOVE+GUTS art show

The PRO division was one of the strongest ever assembled, with a list of riders including Pedro Barros, Alex Sorgente, Johan Dowley, Steven McIver Murilo Peres, Dan Kelcher, Nilo Pecanha, Orson Reynolds, Caio Peres, Ramon Thackwell, Bugs Fardell, Filipe Foguinho, Kyle O’Regan, Matt Fenton, Amiel Day, James McInnes, Sky Siljeg, Jordan Nunns, Cory Juneau, Rob Lorifice, Mike Bancroft, Josh Wilson, Vi Kakinho, Bowman Hansen and Otavio Neto.

The MASTERs division had extraordinary talent including Brian Patch, Lester Kasai, Jason Parks, Leigh McKenzie, Nick Bennett, Mike Spittlehouse, Steve Crump, Sean Goff, Lester Kasai, Pat Ngoho and Sergie Ventura.


If the ever-growing crowds aren’t proof enough, the consistent return of internationally renowned skateboarders has seen the officially sanctioned International Skater’s Union (ISU) BOWL-A-RAMA™ competitions gain reputation as the premier core skate series in the World.

TOP 3 Final Results


PROS Finals

1. Pedro Barros

2. Alex Sorgente

3. Murilo Peres 



1. Brian Patch

2. Lester Kasai

3. Pat Ngoho






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