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The Australian Bowl-riding Champions 2014 celebrated its third year of bowl shredding, at the Bar Beach Empire Skatepark. Thousands gathered for the competition on Saturday and were treated a stellar showing of international and local talent.

Among the competitors were Alex Sorgente (USA) who took out the PRO title for the second year in a row, while Brian Patch (USA) walked away with the MASTER’s title, Jakob Robinson topped the AM’s and Sobre Norris won the Girl’s Division.

The PRO division included the worlds best Alex Sorgente, Daniel Wordley, Jesse Noonan, Cory Juneau, Caio Peres, Otavio Neto, Matt Katai, Nathan Beck, Jamie Goodwin, Jackson Pilz, Andreas Timm, Bugs Fardell, Rion Linderman, Ben Key, Pedro Barros, Vi Kakinho, Fabio Ticaro, Murilo Peres, Sky Siijeg, Nilo Pecanha, Josh Stafford, RJ Barbaro, Jonny Gasapatto, Rob Lorifice, Felipe Foguinho and Renton Millar.

While, the MASTERS Division saw Mark Tomsen, Richard Thompson, Stefan Wernik, Geoff Fletcher, John Bogaerts, Sergie Ventura, Gravel Burns, Michael White, Nick Sable, Brian Patch, Luke Jones, Lester Kasai, Luke Foster, Jeremy Rowling, Mark Whitley, Anthony McIntyre, John Gray, Adam Luxford, Adrian Jones, Shane Ayerst, Scott Spring, Sean Goff and Pat Ngoho all battle it out for their piece of the $25,000AUD prize pool.

If the ever-growing crowds aren’t proof enough, the consistent return of internationally renowned skateboarders has seen the officially sanctioned International Skater’s Union (ISU) Australian Bowl-riding Championships™ competitions gain reputation as the premier core skate series in the World.


Alex Sorgente (1st)

Pedro Barros (2nd)

Cory Juneau (3rd)

Nathan Beck (Australian Champion)


Brian Patch (1st)

Sean Goff (2nd)

Lester Kasai (3rd)

Luke Foster (Australian Champion)


Jakob Robinson (1st)

Keegan Palmer (2nd)

Luke Russell (3rd)


Sobre Norris (1st)

Poppy Olsen (2nd)

Gracie Earl (3rd)