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The Rebirth of Skateparks DVD Review

Socal Skateparks
The Rebirth of Skateparks
DVD The Rebirth of Skateparks

This documentary film takes a crack at documenting the recent uprising of skateparks and shows them in alignment with the historic skateparks of past. This film get the job done although it’s scope is limited to Southern California and doesn’t offer much more then a glimpse at the impact of street skating in the new skatepark revolution.

This film quickly dishes out a Lance Mountain narrative overview of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, & 90’s as far as the growth and dynamics of skateboarding. Once you pass this point the film pretty much just becomes skatepark eye candy and a history lesson. It then jumps into some great interviews and footage with many of the biggest skateboarding legends and historical features. Upland Pipeline, Reseda Skatercross, Marina, Big-O, Colton, Del Mar and all the other heavy hitting Socal parks from the 70’s and 80’s are featured with loads of awesome rare vintage footage. It sort of breaks down by Socal region first showing the best old parks then the current top rated tranny parks around socal and shows the parks getting ripped up by some of the sickest concrete riders around.

I think this film is really good for the collection. The historical portions are worth the price of admission alone, and there is a lot of high quality editing, new park footage, bonus features, and interviews. Check it out.