STC2 – Concrete Dreams

Smell the Crete 2 - Concrete Dreams

Smell the Crete 2 - Concrete Dreams

Smell the Crete 2 – Concrete Dreams

Bart Saric has pumped out another skateboarding action documentary for the hard core skater community. Putting together a skate DVD seems to be a declining art with all the good film makers and editors getting plied off into the world of corporate shorts or clipping out to the latest YouTube channels. So this is the first DVD/movie with original footage about pool skating I have seen since 2012. Thank goodness someone still cares for some in depth coverage on video.

This movie is broken down into 5 segments that are around 10 minutes long:

The Jet Inn pool, which every pool skater in SoCal has probably skated is 1st up with the history delivered by Bruce, Blake, and The Mess. Not a great pool, but it has seen some really gnarly skating in it for decades. They never last as long as the Jet. Bart fills over the stories with tons of ripping.

The Wilderness Bowl. A small backyarder that Santa Barbara surfers and skaters dug and poured themselves. Chris from Sonoma dishes the dirt to Bart on the history of the build while the shredding goes off. It’s beginning were a drug addict flop house which they took over and started building this sweet little pool. One year of construction via spare change and surf board sales and they had a little back yard paradise.

The Streets! A section of gritty street skating around the streets of Los Angeles by tons of underground rippers. The street are gritty, the skaters are dirty and bloody, the spots are low key. It’s not your latest DC commercial footage, its something you can probably relate to. ‘I think I can go try that at that spot’ might be what your thinking, but your going get schooled cuz the skating is definitely heavier then it looks. Rewind it and check again before you get any ideas.

The Venice Beach Skatepark, on the sands of the Pacific Ocean, is the 3rd installment. Ger-I Lewis and Jesse Martinez, Ray Flores, and Pat Ngoho, go through the chaotic history of the skatepark. From the Pavillion (The Pit)  to the new park, hundreds of pro skaters spent time growing there skills in this place. Now it is a destination skatepark that travelers from all over the world hit first after landing at LAX airport. A great piece on a great place.

Roundwall. A mixture of Barts outtakes from pools and skateparks all over the place. Intense ripping that is not for the faint of heart. Light your fire with this piece and go shred.

The is a special Extra on the DVD. Steve Van Doren gives the inside history to what is now the legendary yearly bowl riding contest (Vans Pool Party, formerly the Protec Pool Party) in the Combi Pool at Vans Skatepark. It’s DEEP! It’s about 26 minutes long because there is 9 years of footage packed into this short movie. It’s a mix of footage of the top dogs of tranny skateboard across the years of the contest. This is worth the price of the DVD on its own.

So get a copy of this DVD from our Skate Shop here or buy it direct from Skatermade here. You aint going to be disappointed.