Sector 9

Sector 9 Sector 9 Skateboards Sometimes when you think inside the box too much, you tend to think with a one track mind. One such instance was the image I had in my thick skull about what Sector 9 was all about. I thought it was all about long boarding surfer types hanging out by the beach savoring a very mellow mood. Though this could be true with a fraction of the dudes that use and enjoy their products, their goods cater to every type of rider. A lesson I learned after receiving a hearty offering from them. Since they’re known for their boards, I chose steer my review in the direction of their wheel line. Sizes and durometers vary so it shouldn’t be hard to find a wheel to slash a hill or a pool, and even hit a little street if that’s your bag. Variety seems to be the spice of life over at Sector 9. So if you want to cruise the boardwalk or hit the skatepark, Sector Nine has got you covered. Cruise over to to see for yourself.