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Northwest DVD Review

Northwest – DVD
Coan Nichols & Rick Charnoski
Plexifilm – to order for $24.95

Northwest DVD Review
Northwest DVD Cover

EPIC! This film really helps capture the essence of the Northwest vibe. It’s been impossible for me to describe the northwest culture to people who haven’t been up there to experience any of it. They just don’t grasp it. This will be where I will direct future inquiries.

The film is all black and white (just about). It shows the N.W. park builders sculpting many of the skatepark marvels that they’ve been building, often with their bare hands. Like Orcas Island Washington, Hailey Idaho, Brookings Oregon, Burnside, Port Orford Oregon, and loads of others. Witness how they are made, and how they are skated. The love and devotion of skating is what is building the northwest, it’s a far cry from the mainstream of skateboarding. It’s bigger, gnarlier, and more beautiful than what the status quo can deal with. What stands out after watching this thing 3 times is the skating is exceptional, but its the terrain that steals the show!

Another film your definitely gonna need to add to your collection.