Little Villian MALBA square tail

First of all this deck has me hooked. Its a little bigger then I am usually riding, but it pays off on bigger bowl terrain. Much more stable then my 8.25 or 8.5 decks, this one is 8.8 width.  The large square nose is great for grabbing onto for such tricks as lein to tails, and sweepers. The wood is good and poppy. It has a little bit of a squared off tail too. It’s a fine fitting, high performing board for me. I didn’t like how the wheels were sticking in on my 159 Indy’s but that was soon an after thought as I quickly stepped up my game in the big bowls.

Micke Alba Square Tail deck review:


I asked Micke about his board shape and got this reply:

"Nice egg!, and I have always said, "Want to ride better?, then ride my deck and see how better you get". As for my deck, I have always rode a square tail, I think one can have better control on the back end with lip tricks with a square tail, in addition, tail blocks feel better with a square tail, …15 inch wheel base, 8 1/2 wide, watch out!, on this deck there is nothing to hide. Thanks Jeff, Micke, oh, I will do an egg for you at the combi!"


We have 2 in our skateshop, one a square tail like the one I am riding in the pics and the other is a more rounded pool shape.

Basic Specs:

8.6 x 33

15" wheelbase

Check it out!

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