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Little Villian MALBA square tail

Malba Little Villan Deck review

Micke Alba Square Tail deck review:

Jeff Greenwood madonna at Moorpark
Jeff Greenwood madonna at Moorpark

I asked Micke about his board shape and got this reply:

“Nice egg!, and I have always said, “Want to ride better?, then ride my deck and see how better you get”. As for my deck, I have always rode a square tail, I think one can have better control on the back end with lip tricks with a square tail, in addition, tail blocks feel better with a square tail, …15 inch wheel base, 8 1/2 wide, watch out!, on this deck there is nothing to hide. Thanks Jeff, Micke, oh, I will do an egg for you at the combi!”

We have 2 in our skateshop, one a square tail like the one I am riding in the pics and the other is a more rounded pool shape.

Basic Specs:

8.6 x 33

15″ wheelbase

Check it out!

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