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Jivaro Wheels Review

I got a package in the mail about a month ago containing a set of 56mm Jivaro wheels from Portland Oregon. The wheels are 101a with a wide contact surface and come in 54mm, 56mm, and 58mm. These are the kind of wheels that looked promising right out of the box. The first place I rode them was the Combi at Vans and they passed the test there with flying colors. The Combi at Vans ranges from a little slick to really slick depending on the time of year and how much of a baby you are. I had no problem with speed or traction when it came to these wheels. I rode these things here and there for about one month and they worked out great. I made sure to really try to punish these wheels and they took all that I could give them. I had absolutely no problems with flat spots. Twice I hit a rock, once in a pool and once at a skatepark and I still never experienced flat spots. They have a new trailer out at their website and it’s sick. Oh yeah Peter Gunn rides for these guys and in case your not sure he kills it. I showed up at a pool one day and he was there .No one at this session had rolled into the deep yet and he tucks his arms into his sweatshirt so it appears that he has no arms and rolls in. One of the gnarliest things I have ever seen in a backyard. Support the companies that are in it for the love of skateboarding. You can get more info on these wheels at.