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Cohort Destroy deck

Cohort skates Alright so by now you’re probably reading this going something’s wrong? Same crappy writing, same cheesy intro, what’s missing, and then it dons on you oh yeah no pictures. Well basically I can’t upload pictures right now because of those annoying, overweight nerds who sit in dark basements we call hackers. Naturally I blame Norcal local, but that’s not why we’re here. We’re here because one day a spray painted, brown box showed up at my doorstep containing a deck, and some other random stuff like a book of matches which my mom immediately took away. So, after a while I got my match book stealing mom to take me to the skateshop, so I could get some grip and ride this thing.

I rode the deck at vans the first day, and for most of the day I walked around telling everyone its a 8.5, until someone said that’s not 8.5 its bigger, so I got home and measured it sure enough it wasn’t 8.5. Basically this board measures out to 8.75 with a 15.75 wheelbase, but if you want you can just be cool like me and tell everyone its 8.5.

I’ve ridden this thing on lots of different terrain and it pretty much rules. I like the extra width for my gigantic feet, plus it has a mellow concave which gives you more space to put your feet, and gives the board a better feel. Its made out of really strong wood, and has stood up pretty well. Even though its a little on the big side its still light enough to snap a mini ramp ollie, yet got that extra room for riding bigger bowls, and pools.

cohort indy
cohort indy

You can buy it off the cohort website which has lots of cool videos, pictures, and other stuff to take time away from skating. I’d have to say this is one of the better boards I’ve ridden and I don’t really think you’ll be disappointed.. For further proof just watch any of the cohort team, because they all seem to be riding it right now.