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Desert Pipes

Desert Pipes
‘Rare home videos and photos of Arizona Skateboarding Pioneers’

We got us a really great DVD here. Steve Pingleton really put some work into this one of a kind collection of old Arizona fullpipe, and pool footage. Some of this material I can remember from the pages of Thrasher Magazine when I was a young grom! There’s truly classic material and history lesson in this DVD.

You’ll find skaters ripping Pools the likes of Brian Brannon, Salba, Malba, Pingleton and a ripping AZ crew. Ripping pipes is another collection of AZ rippers. Legendary places are featured like the Love Bowl, Phoenix Underground, Lake Pleasant Downhill, Hassayampa (79) Desert Pipes, High Roller Skatepark, Skate in the Shade.

I think a lot of skate history buffs, pipe riders, park riders, & pool riders would absolutely love this DVD in their collections. I tip my cerveza to Steve Pingleton for taking the time and giving this footage life and sharing it with the world. It’s truly a labor of love and this thing is 100% for the diehards.