Copingwaxer Stickers

wax on Mr. Copingwaxer I think reader feedback is a good thing. It lets you know someone is paying attention. Whether they’re satisfied, curious, discontented, or flat out ready to kick the crap out of you at the next bomb drop, it does my heart some good to know you’re listening. Reader feedback can also serve as a healthy reality check for those times when you take your job just a little too seriously. This review, my friends, is one of those times. When the first real feedback you’ve received since the dogmatic, verbal onslaught evoked by the Rocknron wheel review in June of ’07 is a letter from Santa Ana with four copingwaxer stickers and a terse message demanding a review, all you can do is laugh.

I’m rather unsure as to exactly what I can say about these strips of plastic, except for the fact that whomever printed them used some quality adhesive. As far as the official testing of these stickers goes I chose one lucky sticker out of the batch, stuck it onto my forehead for a photo op, and then placed it onto my door that is already home to a rather disorganized and disarrayed conglomeration of skateboard stickers. Well folks, its been approximately 20 minutes and the sticker is still firmly adhered to the door. If anything changes in regards to the door to sticker bond the appropriate corrections, to this this review, will be made.

As far as giving you a source to buy these from, sorry guys, copingwaxer failed to provide a URL. I have three of these affiches left, so…uh…if anyone really needs one of these things I’d suggest a good psychologist, but I suppose you can contact me to obtain one.